Education – a dynamic endeavor in 21st century

An ordinary person stops learning at the age of 23. An extraordinary person keeps on learning until the end of his life. An average person reads 2 to 3 books in a year while a CEO reads at least one book a week. We have been raised by instilling three mantras inside our head – … Continue reading Education – a dynamic endeavor in 21st century

Humanism for dummies

According to Wikipedia, humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence (rationalism and empiricism) over the acceptance of dogma or superstition. In simpler terms, it is an approach in which humans consider themselves as fellow human beings … Continue reading Humanism for dummies

Notes on Know More’18

This blog-post consists of my notes on a one day seminar titled Know More’18 conducted by esSENSE Global at PWD rest house, Ernakulam on 25th November 2018. Know more’18 started with Sajeevan Anthikad’s talk titled അറിയപ്പെടാത്ത സഹോദരൻ ഭാഗം രണ്ടു (Unknown Brother Part II) It was about the life and message of K. Ayyappan, a 20th … Continue reading Notes on Know More’18