A Soldier’s Words

Son, when I was born,

I thought…

I was born to fight.

Once I grew up,

My dad taught…

Life is a battle.


Son, joining army,

I hold…

As my mission in life.

Once I made it,

One and all told…

I got a vision for life.


Son, fighting for my country,

 I knew…

Soars my dignity and pride.

Once I killed for my country,

One and all blew…

On my vigor and bravery.


Son, life is a battle,

I realized…

With no guns and canons.

Once I fought it,

I realized…

Knowledge and pen are true weapons.


Son, life is an adventure,

I realized…

With no lofty peaks and stormy seas.

Once I ventured into it,

I realized…

Real adventure lies in exploring ourselves.


Son, meeting up with twilight,

I realize…

I ended up as a farmer.

Once I pushed into modesty,

I realize…

I left only with great memories to cherish.


Son, at the edge of my pinnacle,

I reminisce…

There were ones who failed to make it.

Once I look into them,

I realize…

They have grand treasures to relish.


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