Graveyard Love

At darkest corner of graveyard,

With loneliness filled heart I stood;

It was a juncture of my life I learnt,

That I was ignorant about where to turn.


I was talking to my dad,

Sole way to bring peace to my mind;

The hearty meditation is all that I can give,

To him, resting in peace under the grave.


From where you flew down, dear?

Like an archangel,

To the graveyard,

Lighting up my life!


Where are you going to take me, dear?

With your beautiful smile,

And your gorgeous face,

To any fantasy world of your choice?


Mesmerizing, you are,

Your talk, your walk,

Where are you going to lead me?

Straight away to your heart?


You wiped away my loneliness,

With your loveliness,

Your lips are so sweet as honey,

Its worth all the money.


You are like an answer,

To my endless prayers,

Not to god above,

But to dad below.


Your smile lights up,

My way every day,

Your smooch can take me,

Higher than any hooch.


It’s graveyard love they say,

Yes, it’s the same I would say.

It’s the place we met,

Where our souls going to set.


But, our love won’t die,

It’s going to last forever,

I can rise from dead,

If you are going to fly down again…


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