Me is a simple me,

Me knows well about me,

Me comes anywhere with me,

Me is the best part of me.


Sole power‘s with me,

To move me,

To groom me,

And world around me.


Me is not thee,

Thee can’t be me,

Me can’t be thee,

Me can only be me.


Me never vie with thee,

Me vie only with me,

To bring the best out of me,

Giving up is not Me’s cup of tea.


Me ever loves me,

As well as puzzles me,

But it’s easy to grasp me,

‘cause Me is always free.


Me is a jovial me,

Who keeps the world cheery,

Me is always your lovely buddy,

Who prefers to be lonely.


To know about me,

If someone asks me:

“Who’s this Me?”

I’ll tell: “it’s me!”


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