Nostalgic Classroom

Nothing in my life has ever given me such joy, fun, enjoyable moments and unforgettable memories than my campus lives. In MCC (Madras Christian College), life in woods is just amazing which gave me lot of sweet memories and blessed me with number of friends for life.

At times, we never understand the value of certain moments, unless we miss them. During my college days, I had tried to elude classroom sessions terming them as ‘boring’ without realizing the value of them. When our heart murmurs-‘I miss those moments’- it means that we became conscious of their value now. Bicycle rides amidst woods, squabbles with friends and lecturers, classroom jokes, gossips, parties, night walks and early morning jog. Today all those experiences are transformed into sweet, unforgettable memories.
It was just a coincidence I stumbled upon a video clip while casually formatting the hard drive of my camera which was captured my closest friend. Its Christmas and New Year time ‒ a great time to reunite with family and friends.
Especially the month, December is always a nostalgic month for me. It’s the month my friends and relatives to come to God’s own Country from various parts of India and abroad.
Last year’s Christmas and New Year party at MCC was memorable and full of fun. Even while I’m having a good time with closest friends and relatives, I’m missing my faraway friends especially my old class mates. The video- Nostalgic Classroom- is dedicated to all my dearest classmates whom I miss especially during this nostalgic month.

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