‘Perumbadappu Mana’: A 300 year old legacy.

‘Perumbadappu Mana’ is located at Ollukara, a locality which is 5 kilo meters away from Thrissur town in Kerala, a southern state of India. The word ‘Mana’ means house of Brahmins who tops the hierarchy of Indian caste system. This splendid landmark is around 300 years old.

Modernity has brought severe damage to these ‘Manas’ which were once an integral part of the culture and heritage of Kerala. New age villas, apartments and houses has replaced all these marvelous architectural splendors but ‘Perumbadappu Mana’ still looks magnificent with a pond, family temple, ‘Paambu Kaavu’ and ‘Nallu Kettu’ only because of the persistent effort of its members.
Since this ‘Mana’ belongs to Brahmins who are basically scholars and priests, it is blessed with a wide, invaluable collection of books which are mostly written on coconut leaves. It also has a wide array of equipments which are used for Poojas or worships. The roof, ladders and storage rooms are made up of teak and mahogany which gives strength to the structure to stand the test of time.
Today, everyone is rushing behind the modern way of living by forgetting their past, culture, heritage as well as ignoring their own history. A community life style has been replaced by nuclear family system; concrete jungles have spread over natural forests; industries and factories have been built on fresh water ponds and lakes.
‘Perumbadappu Mana’ renders each and every Indian youngster, a wonderful experience which surely fills every heart with nostalgia. It gives a rare opportunity to visit, touch and feel his or her own culture and heritage. Even in this modern age, it is worth commendable, the hardheaded effort residents of this unique ‘Mana’ is taking in conserving a rich culture and heritage and the hospitality they show towards the people who comes to visit it.
“Old is not Gold until it is Preserved for Posterity”

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