Three Doors

Got up from a horrible dream,

On shore of a violent stream,

I saw three doors in darkness,

Beckoning me with rosiness.


I stood up weary,

The darkness was scary,

To those opened doorways,

I made my own ways.


All doors dazzled except one,

But, I can enter only one,

That’s rule number one,

To hold on, I could find no one.


First door was an entrance,

To treasures easy to take,

To cookies easy to bake,

To a party I shun to partake.


Second door was a station,

To surrender my imagination,

Strengths, dreams and hope,

It’s a place I couldn’t cope.


Third door was bleak,

There was nothing to seek,

There was nowhere to peek,

There was risk at its peak.


I didn’t leave my dreams astray,

I didn’t throw my hope away,

Through that bleak doorway,

With faith, I flew on my way…


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