To Brother, With Love

This poem is a tribute to my dearest brother who left us on 14th February 2012. I know, just by writing a poem is not enough to show my love and affection to him but, unfortunately, at times humans are really powerless and have to forcefully accept our limits. 


“You came to my life as my brother,

Life was really amazing together,

It was a big bash with you by my side,

You were my best buddy on every tide…


We shared our dreams,

We sticked for our hopes,

We strove for our excellence,

We drove our life full of rejoice…


Moments of joy we shared,


Moments of distress you cared,



Never expected our life,

Which was a joyful party,

Comes to a painful end,

That too very hasty…


I’ll miss you so much,

But, as your blood runs through my veins,

You’re still young and plain,

Handsome and sweet in my heart…”


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