A Boy and His Dreams…

This article of mine got published in Times of India on January 3rd 2010. After the publication of this report, several vernacular dailies have carried this story. Consequently, due to the publicity given by the media, an institution came forward offering financial assistance to Harish’s education which gave a sigh of relief to him and his toiling parents. I’m very happy in hearing this news. All the best, Harish!

N.K. Harish Raj, a 6 year old boy from the outskirts of Sembakkam in Tambaram is not an ordinary one at his age.  Recently on 13th December 2009, in the Abacus Mental Arithmetic International Competition held at Penang, Malaysia he was handpicked into Group A of 4 bright children from other parts of the world. This Standard Two student from Zion Matriculation School was conferred the Yuvasri Kala Bharathi Award by Bharathi Yuvakendra Association for his excellence in studies.  A lover of movies, music and chocolate, Harish, is also a Karate Green Belt holder.

“I’m giving my child what I wasn’t fortunate to receive during my childhood: a decent education and a good living. By helping him in studies, on the other end, I’m also gaining a good amount of knowledge” says N.Kiruthika, mother of Harish Raj. She has dedicated her whole time nurturing his studies and extracurricular activities. “Harish is so special to all of us. He is well disciplined and excellent in studies. He is a role model to my children too” remarks Rani Sudarshanam, the owner of the house they are renting. Most of his time is devoted for studies, karate practice and reciting Sai Bhajans.

“Economic stringency is the main challenge we are facing for his education. I’m striving hard to bring my child a better education and a good job in future” says Natarajan, father of Harish Raj. “I have approached several institutions for financial help and waiting for their response” adds up this taxi driver.

For Harish Raj, solving mental arithmetic problems and puzzles are just a child’s play. When asked about his ambitions, he said with his usual shy smile that he wants to become a civil servant and serve the country. Even though his commendable achievements inspire many, this ambitious, hardworking boy has a long way to go.


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