An Indian’s Independence-Day Message

Once again, on this auspicious day, we are about to celebrate the Independence Day of our great nation-a nation which has stood the test of time, gave birth to two great world religions and endured several foreign invasions.

Actually, what do we mean by Independence Day? Is it the only day we realize and recollect the hardships and struggles of our great grandfathers during our fight for independence?

There is always something more to celebrate and give thought on this day other than just hoisting our tricolor national flag and distributing sweets. It is the day which gave us a great identity: an identity which unifies us despite of several languages, cultural and ethnic barriers between all of us.

India is developing at a great pace. She is showing high rate of growth in major sectors like industry, technology and finance as well as showing performance which got recognized at global level. Our country has become a country all other countries are looking upon as an upcoming super power.

Lot of sufferings and struggles were paid as a price for the freedom we are enjoying today. Number of heads rolled on soil to enable us to hold our head high. Number of legs are broken to make us stand firmly and proudly on our soil.

india graffiti street art

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But the freedom which is won by great collective pain and perseverance is getting misused today. Citizens are downgraded to the level of fools. Our police and other civil service departments are still in the hangover of the 200 years of the colonial rule. Their behaviour towards citizens should change.

Sadly, our country is still in the dark clutches of corruption and other horrible malpractices today. 2G spectrum scam, discrepancies in Lokpal Bill et al and recent fast until death fight by Anna Hazare and Swami Ramdev for a transparent Lokpal Bill reveals the height and depth of corruption in our country.

To top it all, finally, the parliament passed the bill making it powerless enough to bring the highest ranks of bureaucracy to the hands of law thus making fool out of all citizens of this great country.

Centuries ago, it was foreign invaders who plundered our wealth but today it’s our own politicians and corrupt bureaucrats are taking away our wealth to their Swiss bank accounts.

More souls like Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and Swami Ramdev should born in this soil. Then only we can make our country a safe, happy place to live and flourish. Steps should be taken to create a reverse Brain-Drain and young people should be convinced and motivated to earn and live in our own country. Entrepreneurial attitude should be cultivated in the minds of young Indians.

Media and of course, the blogging fraternity can also bring a lot of good changes to the system which governs our daily life. A good, transparent and unbiased media can bring corruption and other malpractices to the social and legal forefront.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world, said Mahatma Gandhiji. It’s high time that we should become the ‘change’ the fast evolving world around us wish to see.

Today is the day we should celebrate as well as relive the unshakable valour, courage and perseverance of our freedom fighters and leaders. Along with that, we, as young citizens of the country, must take an oath in our hearts to work together towards a better and corruption-free india.

Jai Hind!

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