It’s All About ‘Plug-in’ Culture!

Imagine you are talking very seriously to someone and unfortunately, ends up by knowing that the person whom you are talking to was not even listening to you properly. How would you feel then? You may feel annoyed, dejected or sometimes angry, isn’t it? Stop. Don’t take it to the heart. You have just spoken to one among a million of ‘pluggers’ all around the world!

Arrival of portable music systems and mobile phones with inbuilt music players have given birth to a rapidly spreading ‘plug-in’ culture. ‘Pluggers’ always listen to music on the go. While commuting, jogging, biking, driving or even during office hours, their ears are sealed off by earphones taking them away from the real outer world. Music players have taken an unavoidable part in their lifestyle.

Akin to all other lifestyles, ‘plug-in’ culture too is individualistic. Some ‘plugs-in’ for sheer love for music, some to kill time and others for brushing off boredom. “Music is a requisite for me while studying or reading” says Avinash Kagava, a media student. “It increases my concentration and feels as if my productivity soars”, he adds. Robin, a student and an enthusiastic guitarist ‘plugs-in’ for his first love-music. He says that: “I love music and wants to fill every moment of my life with music. That is why I keep my iPod with me throughout the day”.

Musical giants such as Sony, Apple et al are competing to bring out more advanced yet user friendly music players to catch up with this ‘plug-in’ trend. Apple has sold more than 20 million iPods till date. More and more people are joining this ‘plug-in’ bandwagon day by day. It seems as if people are just happy with the music they have in their music player, rather than interacting with fellow human beings. It provides a room for escapism similar to that of reading. While reading is productive, listening to music may end up unproductive at times.

Warning note for ‘Pluggers’: Researches show that regular exposure to noise above 85 dB (decibels)will cause a gradual hearing loss in a significant number of individuals, and louder noises will accelerate this damage. When listening to music on earphones at a standard volume level 5, the sound generated reaches a level of 100 dB. It’s loud enough to cause permanent damage after just 15 minutes per day! The amount of time you listen to a sound affects how much damage it will cause. The quieter the sound, the longer you can listen to it safely.

Thus, beware, pluggers! Keep an eye on your decibels. Do you want to ‘plugs-in’ at the cost of your precious ears?


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