It’s Time for My Media!

Today, it is an age of digital media revolution which has brought even sophisticated communication devices in layman’s hands. From a high level executive to a rickshaw puller, all make use of digital technology in their everyday lives. Sending a text message or making a voice call is a common thing for most of the people today.

But, New Media such as internet was always a far away dream for common people. Today it is in the process of change. Internet replaced the “one-to-many” model of traditional mass communication with the possibility of a “many-to-many” web of communication by enabling blogging, emails, online SMS services, etc.

Now with the advent of latest technologies, any individual can now produce his or her online media and include images, text, and sound about whatever he or she chooses. So the new media with technology convergence shifts the model of mass communication, and radically shapes the ways we interact and communicate with one another.

The credibility of global media, being under scrutiny, gives prominence to blogs and citizen journalism in news making. Nowadays, established journalists and news organizations are acquiring news from blogs and citizens. In a broader sense, blogs have become the backbone of news making.

Usage of digital, mobile phone cameras, GPRS and Wi-Fi technology have boosted citizen journalism. Anyone irrespective of their discipline can be a media practitioner or a news reporter in their own right and create a viewership or readership for themselves. All together, new media has transformed into ‘My Media’.


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