Lessons from Virtual World

white samsung laptop computer near black ceramic plant vase

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and internet, at large has become like a parallel world in today’s information age. Most people especially youngsters prefer to spend more time on this virtual world rather than spending time with their friends and colleagues in real world.

As a young boy who is living in the information age, I’m also so fond of virtual world interactions. Since I’m active on social networking sites for past 6 years, I have learnt certain lessons from them which I learnt that can also be applied in real world. Here I’m sharing few of them with you.

‘Like’ ourselves first

We share or update our statuses, photos and videos on Facebook and other social networking sites with great fond and frequency. How many of us show the willingness to like our own status first? Most of the popularly liked updates and photos or videos are liked by the uploader or user by himself or herself. In real world too this principle has a great role: it is only when we start to ‘like’ ourselves, others care to ‘like’ us.

Frequently update ourselves.

One of the major characteristic of today’s world is that it is evolving rapidly. There is very little space for conventionally thinking and acting people. We have to update our lifestyles or ‘status’ in accordance with the flow of the world outside otherwise gradually, we will be chucked out of it.

Be active

Do you ever notice that the people who are more active on Facebook or Twitter gets more comments or feedbacks or followers. This theory, as everyone knows, works in conjunction with the real world as well. Active and interactive people get noticed and get positive feedback from the fellow human beings.

Keep In Touch (KIT) phenomenon

Facebook is a bit tricky social networking site which resembles the real life in many ways. If you ignore a friend for more than 3 months or so, he or she will get hidden from your news-feed or even from your chat list. That means, if you want to be visible or noticed in all of your friends’ news-feed, you need to keep in touch with all your friends at least once in 2 to 3 months.

Do you think, is this a usual phenomenon in real world? Yes, it is. If you fail to keep in touch with all your buddies, you will get lost from their contact list and if not, forgotten completely. Only frequently contacted people gets into your way both in real and virtual world.

Be genuine and open minded

There is always a good space for genuineness. A person who have a genuine profile on Facebook or Twitter is widely liked by people and generate interest in others to engage in good conversations and interactions. A person with fake identity is widely ignored or even ‘reported as spam’. In real world interactions too, this genuineness factor plays a major role.

Being open minded qualifies you to be accepted in all social circles both in virtual and real world. Even people who are not so close to you feel that you are a person of integrity, accessibility and friendliness.

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