The pen and paper magic…

black ball point pen on white notebook

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If I’m asked, what is the most marvelous process in this world, my answer would be writing. Ideas sprout and emotions flow out when we stroke our pen through paper. Only human beings are blessed to hold a pen, write, convey and store his/her ideas. Ideas to design an aero plane to creating a movie come out from the tip of a pen.

Writing is a wonderful art akin to sculpting. As a sculptor meticulously polishes his work, a writer patiently pre write, write and re write his text in order to bring it into a good form. Patience and clarity of thoughts are needed for clear and precise writing. If the writer is not very clear about his thoughts and ideas, the reader will get more confused than the writer.

Ideas are like flashes. It will not stay in our head for long. Geniuses are those who can feel and catch those flashes. For developing a small idea, we have to scribble it on paper. In fact, paper is the training ground of ideas. Our ideas flow and grow by further writing. By each pen stroke, we are further digging our mind and bringing our hidden ideas out. Greatest books and literature works take birth from simple scribbling. We will really wonder how our ideas develop and form a good shape and style. A well written powerful idea can make revolutions. Famous revolutionaries like Ernesto ‘che’ Guevara was motivated by writers like Garcia Marquez and father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi got inspired by Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy. That is why great people have told pen is mightier than sword

Recently, I read an interesting article about journaling. Nowadays, most of the therapists suggest keeping a personal journal and also recommends making daily entries. Latest researches have proved that stress levels are very low in people who write journals compared to the persons who don’t. Whenever I take my pen to scribble something for my journal, I feel as if I’m holding a magic wand which can work wonders. I’m really amazed to see how this simple things-pen and paper- bring positive vibes in my life. More we write, more we can convey our emotions and ideas. It will help us to understand the real problems and challenges in our life. Journaling won’t be effective, if you are not truthful to it. Never try to hide anything from your journal. Just open up your mind and let the pen do the rest. Warning: keep it safe from others!

In real sense, pen is the tongue of the mind. If you want to write, take a pen and start writing and everything else will just follow. If you want to feel the pen and paper magic, don’t hesitate, just go for it!

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