Common sense

Okay… Let me talk some common sense here.

Ups and downs are norms in course of life. We can’t ask for only ‘ups’ in life. It never happens. We can’t block ‘downs’ from happening in our life. It is not possible.

It is as if you go to stock market and buy a stock and demand the price should go up. It never happens. A stock always moves up and down. Sometimes it give you profit otherwise you have to book loss and exit.

Performing some ‘Poojas’ or prayers and also by placing the idols of your favorite gods or goddesses in front of your trading terminal never works. Stocks move in accordance with the forces of demand and supply and you are not big enough to break that law. You have to learn a lot to master the art of stock trading or consult with a certified and experienced technical analyst or a good investment advisor before entering the market.

So called belief systems have lot of shortcomings. No! They have only shortcomings. Basically, they are not pragmatic. You believe in jesus, allah or any other gods we, humans have created all over the world, never help you in the course of your life. Belief is just belief… nothing more or nothing less. Every country and culture has its own belief systems and most of them contradict between themselves.

At the beginning of the renovation work of my house, my brother passed away in a road accident. Most of the people here in my locality (both educated and uneducated) told that it is because the measurements of the house was wrong that such a catastrophe happened.

People nag… it is really tough to stand against them, to smile at them and publicly accept their shitload philosophy…

Finally, with our neighbors’ insistence, we hired a person who is very proficient in vasthusasthra. He came to my home and ‘inspected’ the house and told that measurements of the old house were wrong but with the new design all the bad things will go out of the way!

I was really irritated by the words of the guy. He is neither an architect nor even a mason. More than that, I had to pay him for the bullshit he had thrown all over.

I still wonder how the measurement of the house determines the lives of the people who are living in it. What is the logic behind it?

It is all about human psychology. We need someone in authority comes and tells it is because of this blah…blah…caused this blah…blah… basically we have to be happy with this blah…blah… and we are ready to pay for that blah…blah…

It is really important to notice that according to Christianity, vasthusasthra is an evil. Christians can build houses in any kind of designs those suits their needs but it is highly necessary that the priest should come and bless the house before people start living in the house. But today, vasthusasthra has more Christian followers than Hindus.

We build houses to live. The house should be strong enough to withstand all the weather conditions. It also should last so long that you can see your grandchildren grow up in the house. So, when building a house we should consult with a good architect not a person who is knowledgeable in vasthusasthra. I still doubt whether it is a science. If vasthusasthra is right, I fear all the buildings and houses in western countries have fallen down by now or the day they were build and also the lives of the dwellers have met with only tragedies.

Human history dates back to five million years. Our ancestors had lived and survived in jungles, caves and all other terrains. Death, marriage, copulation, reproduction, tragedies, successes and all other kind of events happened in their lives too. I wonder whether they have looked upon vasthusasthra before digging the caves or jyothism astrology before getting married.

Then it comes to the church. It needs money and nothing else.

As far as I realized from my recent experiences, they are just trying to profit from a loss which my family is trying to recover.

Our Church needs jesus’s dead body and a cart to push it all over our locality on Good Friday. And the priest of our church made a deal with me.

The deal was this: both jesus’s dead body and cart costs nearly Rs.15000 each. If our family sponsors both of them, they will write my brother’s name and fix his photo on the cart and push it all over the locality. Note that, this public feat happens only on Good Friday. So, people will remember my brother on that day (Good Friday moreover the day of dead) what a ridiculous idea!

Jesus died or not. I don’t give a damn shit on it. My brother passed away… he is still living in our hearts. He isn’t dead until the day I die… that’s my belief system! I won’t allow anyone to break that.

I told the priest that we are planning to establish a foundation in my brother’s name and every year a good percentage of income from my business will be spend on the education of children who are unfortunate to get it. Through the foundation we are also planning more activities like this in future when my business starts generating more income. Priest appreciated the idea but he wasn’t so happy in doing so.

Again, I don’t care…

In the beginning, man created god not vice versa as an aid to his feelings, emotions, and helplessness and moreover, fear.

Basically, man is fearful. At first he was afraid of thunder, rain, earth quakes and other natural phenomena both beneficial and calamitous. He worshipped all these as god but when science advanced those gods became outdated. Today, man fears death more. So he created gods who can give him salvation and provide him with an eternal heavenly afterlife.

It’s ridiculous today even when the science has advanced so far; people are still dwelling on old concepts and philosophies and heftily paying sloths clothed as preservers of knowledge and morality who fatten their purse on people’s ignorance. It’s really sad to see that even educated lots are behind it.

God, religion and belief systems in general are dragging mankind backward to Stone Age. And it is really tough to stand alone in the crowd.

Thomas Cherian, an avid technical analyst and also my mentor in stock trading business once told that we, Indians undervalue professionalism. If we want to build a house, instead of going to a good architect; we go to a person who claims himself to be a vasthusasthra professional who knows nothing about building a house. If we want to buy a stock we go to a temple priest who knows nothing about stock market to ask whether the stock goes up or down. After that we hope, pray and wait and meet with a disaster.

Professional advice, research and scientific knowledge have a great, strong base build on time tested proofs and knowledge. It is never based on any belief system. It requires patience, will power and knowledge to understand all these.

Belief is just baseless and it feeds on ignorance.


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