Love is an amazing feeling. You feel it for someone and meanwhile for someone else too.


We are not animals…we are humans. We have conscience…we have memories… we have emotions…we fall in love. We all do. It is usual.

Love means when we give our physique, mind and soul to someone we have that special feeling called love. In real words, it’s some sort of sacrifice.

In a man’s life it happens very rarely. Someone tells its slavery buts it’s not. It’s really a sense of freedom and let ourselves think beyond our everyday chores. When we are really in love with someone, we listen and observe to every sound, music and ambience of nature – the winter, summer and monsoon make a new way and experience for you.

We also introspect and understand our strengths as well as weaknesses. It is also realization that there is someone who is there to complete our personality.

I have experienced that feeling… when you are in love with someone, winter will tell her name… summer will bring you the aroma of her sweat… and monsoon will bring her warmth…even if you don’t ever met her.

It’s a different feeling and that feeling is called love. That feeling, you can’t ever feel to everyone else in this world. It’s the feeling particularly reserved for someone special… a feeling that she is unique… She is beautiful… She is wonderful…

If you feel the same feeling for more than one person, I think there is some trouble out there… you better consult with a psychologist!

I have feeling such as that till this day in my life. I haven’t met her… I haven’t touched her… I only know that she loves me… I always have the urge to text or call her but I resist… it can also be called ‘missing’ in that sense… yes…I miss her… I want her to be with me all through my life. Is it termed as love? If it is so… I love her…

Till this day… I couldn’t define love… I’m a failure in that…

Even though all those days… Maybe years…if someone is still with you, even though you are friends, she or you may be dating someone else… if you feel like she knows you, as some wise mind says, don’t let her go!

Love is rare…if love is usual or trivial and found everywhere… there is no value for it. Love is not a feeling to copulate and reproduce a future generation.

All say, we are living in the present… But it is always better to look through the rear-view mirror of life to have a better look on future…

Past teaches us lot of things… some people are really tough enough to throw away from our life… they are so strong!

You can’t love someone secretly…love is not secret…it’s plain and simple.

Love doesn’t restrict you to a nationality…to a religion or an ethnicity…

In today’s world, whatever happens is just opportunistic…

The families come together and tell – yeah…we belong to Christianity, we have money…Your son has money…so let’s have an agreement…our daughter will be his… (Till the day he has the riches and health with him)

Imagine… if a day comes if he gets paralyzed, or his riches vanished or his business broke…All these crack heads won’t be with him…They take their daughter with someone who is more capable of protecting her and taking care of her..

Where is the love here?

We have to think…

There is no love…There are only opportunities, comfort and safe zone gaming. All those are based on religion, caste, money, family status and lot of other things…

Love is beyond all opportunities, comfort and safe zone gaming…love is an ability to sacrifice…love is a state of courage… love is a state of risk that you are ready to take for a man or woman you love. Love is all about breaking all odds and getting a life together… I have seen a lot of living, successful examples of these types…

Those people are happy. Happy as if they have conquered the whole world…

Don’t love someone for the money he possesses, for the mobile recharges or the hotels and restaurants he or she takes you in…

Loving a person takes lot of observation, perseverance and patience… only a woman or man can do that… neither a girl nor a boy nor an opportunistic crack head.

I’m fed up with all these… love is not a game… it’s all about a feeling from a person to someone special who know each other and never want to part..

I don’t want colorful wedding album or a happening gathering where all my relatives and friends attend and make me a rock star… all I need a girl who trust me… who can take me in her arms whenever I need her… And also console me when I’m in sorrow… and  I don’t need a girl who comes to my life because of my riches or my pleasant present or future…and leave me alone when I meet with some road blocks…


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