It’s all about faithfulness…

During weekends, spending some quality time and having drinks with masons and other workers at the time of the renovation of my house was some sort of a customary affair. Drinks are good in building up strong bonds with workers and gaining their loyalty. Sometimes, in fact, alcohol plays a good role that money can’t buy!

It was also fun and paves a lot of ways to understand people more – their thoughts and ideologies. It was really nice listening to their stories and experiences.

It was during one of that weekend boozing party, after getting drunk, one of the masons opened up his mind and told me: “I want to fuck more women in my life!”

“Are you married?” I asked him.

Yes” he replied.

What if your wife thinks and does the same… fuck more men in life… do you like it? Will you respect her? Or can you love her again if she does that?

He went clueless, confused and answerless.

Silence sneaked into the room where we were sitting.  No one talked for minutes. After those silent moments, we continued with our drinks and jokes.

We can say fucking, cheating, hitting and killing plus lot of other pleasant or unpleasant things very easily as well as carelessly. But no one thinks what if it ever happens to them. We love cheating, but we don’t like someone cheating on us. We love killing but we don’t want any harm to us. We love hitting but we are not ready to take a blow. We loving fucking but at the same time we don’t want to get fucked up too!

Ridiculous! Isn’t it?

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” goes a common English saying. There is a good amount of truth and meaning in that saying by the way.

No one is going to give you any award or scholarship for the number of women or men you share your bed with! If you are unfaithful in your relationship, there are number of things you could lose. First of all, you lose a good relationship. Secondly, you lose a person who trusted you with his/her life plus a life full of regret, sorrow and be apprehensive of other people whether they are cheating on you.

Love is all about trust and trust depends upon the faithfulness of both partners. If the faithfulness is breached, trust is broken.  If the trust is broken, eventually, love is also lost.

If trust is breached, sorry means nothing. There are simply no other reasons to hold on to that relationship.

Faithfulness matters not only in personal relationships but also to other aspects of our life too. We have to be dedicated and faithful to the activities we love and do for a living.

Life rewards the people who are faithful both to their profession and also to their personal relationships. They get more respect and value than unfaithful people. Faithful people are always strong as well as happy because they value themselves more. And never let anyone undervalue them. They are confident enough to take up any risk because they know faithfulness attracts only faithfulness…

It takes good amount of courage and self-trust to be faithful to your life and relationships. Sadly, most of us lack it.



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