An Atheist’s Reply

This is my ultimate reply (I don’t find any meaning in carrying on with an argument on a petty Facebook status) to Venkatesh Chakravarthy, the Dean of Direction and Screenplay Writing in Ramanaidu Film School at Hyderabad who is a noted film maker, playwright and an author, on my Facebook update:

I’m sorry if my atheism offends you. But guess what – religious wars, Jihads, crusades, inquisitions, censoring of free speech, brainwashing of children, murdering of albinos, forcing girls into underage marriages, male and female genital mutilation, stoning, pederasty, homophobia, rejection of science and reason offends me…

I had interviewed him once while I was working as a stringer with Times on India (TOI), Chennai. The interview has been published in TOI on 14th January 2010. You can read the article here:


Your masters’ degree in philosophy and your experiences in engaging in most complicated arguments (in which I don’t have a clue) are always good for you. Even if you don’t like my stand, I don’t care…

As far as I know, you are a person who doesn’t believe in god as well as see a probability of a god. I don’t understand what sort of a stand is that… simply putting ‘other’ in your religious and ideological views on Facebook, you are not going to escape from anywhere. Basically, it all means that, you don’t have a stand at all! Moreover, you are taking a middle path and in short, you don’t belong anywhere. You are neither a theist nor an atheist nor even an agnostic. Keep in mind that middle path leads nowhere.

In life, you have to take a stand… you should believe something or not. Personally speaking, when it comes to my mother, I should either love or hate her. Of course, I love her. Professionally speaking, I’m a certified stock trader, portfolio manager and a technical analyst. When the stock market opens every day, I have to take a stand – I should be either bullish or bearish on market. Sometimes I may be right and sometimes I may go wrong. But taking a stand matters most.  If there is an option called ‘other’ (there is none) and if I take that option, that will be the end of the story – my clients will lose money and also I lose my business and reputation.

If you are telling that there is a superman who have created the whole universe and taking care of it… I can’t simply disprove that superman and it doesn’t mean that superman does exist.

The Big Bang theory and the theory of Evolution makes more sense to me than a fairytale of a guy who created the whole universe, sent his son to butcher here on earth for the sins (I still don’t understand what they mean by ‘sin’) of the human beings and one day, he will come with his family to send the good people to heaven and bad people to hell. Funniest of all are people are still sinning and I still wonder what Jesus’ crucifixion has done to this whole world other than religious wars and inquisitions.

Leave it.

We are not living in Stone Age. We are moving forward. New inventions, new discoveries and new technological innovations are happening all over the world everyday and still you think there is a limit for human knowledge/ intelligence?

I think exact opposite. There is no limit for human intelligence/knowledge. On the way forward, we gather more information and knowledge. It goes on till human race steer to exist. A problem of today, definitely find a solution tomorrow. History proves that.

If you are naming God as the limit of human knowledge, you can do so… but its name is not god, but sheer ignorance.

Thank you for your valuable time. Nice talking to you…

Yours sincerely,

Justin Raj

Image Courtesy:  Internet & Facebook


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