Crazy World!

We are living in a crazy, hypocrite world where there is no mutual correlation between people’s preaching and actions.

In this world we only value achievements, ambitions and developments. We think that being humble and modest is highly necessary even while we are ruthless, egoistic, ambitious, selfish and productive. We should be competitive as well as compassionate and show sports-man spirit to fellow beings or competitors.

In these days of time management and productive living tactics, we also need to be eco-friendly. Spirituality too is an inseparable part in our lives even while we are busy with our materialistic pursuits. And we call it balance of life.

Once I read in an article in a life style magazine written by a feminist: “we call ruthless men as ambitious and ruthless women as bitches.” Sometimes we undervalue achievements based on gender, caste and other aspects.

Is there a balance for life? Is it necessary we should maintain a balanced professional and personal life?

In this world, while we gain something on one side we would have lost something on other side. It is true to a great extent. There are only options left in this life and we are free enough to take only one of them. You can’t steer a boat by placing one leg on another boat.

We cut down trees, make paper out of it and write on it – save the trees. We destruct the natural resources and call it development and when someone destructs our houses, sky scrapers or contaminating industries, we call it vandalism.

This so called development is a human concept and we are not ready to accept the rules of Mother Nature. We think that the development of humanity happens only when we destruct the resources mother earth has blessed us with.

Men learn only when a stumbling block appears on his path. Until then he clutches on his philosophy and lives his life his own way and do whatever he wants to.

Its only after sucking out all fossil fuel available on this planet, do we realize that there were other options called renewable energy sources like solar, wind and tidal. Nature has its own limits as Mahatma Gandhiji puts it: earth can satisfy mans need, not man’s greed.

Either we can live a life our great grandfathers followed – an eco friendly way by attaching ourselves very much to Mother Nature and by not destructing the balance of the very eco system that nurture us or we can move on with our pursuit of development by eventually destructing mother nature and in turn, killing ourselves.

Read this quote somewhere written by an unknown author: When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, that the man will realize that he cannot eat money…

So true!

Image Courtesy: Internet


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