Creation is messy

We human beings are creators in one way or other. We always create something useful or useless in our lifetime.

By the way, creation is not an easy job. We can include building up a business or house, coding software, even writing an article or a poem into the creation process.

Creation is a process which tests our patience, determination, demands our attention as well as concentration to the core.

A creation is born only if the creator has undergone number of strenuous stages. It’s tiresome on one side, can be boring on another side. It can also be felt monotonous at times. And moreover creation process is full of mess. Sometimes we stare at the corner of darkness without knowing what to do next.

Take for example, solving a Sudoku puzzle. Have you ever done that? I have done it thousand times. I love doing it and it is one of my favorite past time activities. The game demands a lot of concentration, attention, focus and observation skills. While solving this puzzle, you always come through situations where you are clueless on which number to be filled up at right box.

If you quit at that hardest point of the game, you can’t win the game. But if you persevere and keep on focusing, you are able to find cracks and find out the right numbers for right boxes. It is same with crossword puzzles.

Last week, we were tweaking our charting software. It was a good team work. I could only sit like an all demanding, idea box since I don’t know how to code or tweak software. I got only a few ideas of mine to work on the software. The geeks who are my friends were working on it.

Whenever I come out with a new idea the mission comes to a halt. It seems impossible to apply my ideas.

But I knew one way to win the game: to encourage them wholeheartedly to work on it and make it possible. Finally, working on it for a week we found a way out. Today all the tweaks were done according to my demands and I’m really very happy all together. We also named our creation as Gladmoney Trend Radar!

While creating the software, there were messes, confusions, errors and realm of impossibilities all around. At certain point, we even felt like quitting and continue to work with the software as I used to.

Whenever I think about that incident of our software development, I feel that if we want something and if we are ready to work on it, we can make it happen. It is also stupid to do the same thing every day and expecting different result. If we want different, new, innovative result, we should dare to do something new, different and innovative.

Creation is messy but it’s rewarding.

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