Weight Loss Anthem

People around me keep on asking me, how I could reduce so much of weight in a little span of time? That too, a whopping 14 kilograms!

 I always enthusiastically answer all their questions and explain my diet and work out plans.  But to my blog and its dear readers, I would love to express it as a small verse. It’s been a long time since I have been under the influence of the words and their wonder of rhymes.

Let’s go!

Alcoholism, fast food and sluggish life style will make you fat,

I have gone through all those, so I became fat!

I was lazy, crazy and ignored myself altogether,

It was as if something I don’t need to bother!


I’m young and vibrant,

That’s the fact only I could comprehend!

To every shot I took, I gave myself a high five,

I was only 25 but people marked me 45!


People consider me as an outcast,

I was good for nothing. Worst!

A do- nothing fellow,

Who looks like a lazy buffalo!


Obesity is a sin,

It harms your body and mind, your kin!

People who you love will leave,

Coz you are obese, old and ugly!


So I took an oath – I need to change,

In order to grow, I need to evolve!

Change your habits; you change your destiny,

I know that law, certainly!


You are what you eat,

To become a man I need to meet!

In day time, I ate like a man,

And at night I ate like a vegan!


A wise mind told: Sweat it out,

Sweat is fat crying out!

It’s a great brainwork,

As well as a great hard work!


Hit the gym in early morning,

Let my fat burning and crying.

I worked out like a monkey,

And came out like a donkey!


Gave up alcohol for a great reason,

It was as hard as spoiling a season!

Alcohol had spoiled my inhibitions,

And inspired my exhibitions!


I enjoyed the journey,

Challenging as well as funny!

So, here I’m – cheery and shining,

And as a person you always gaze as inspiring!





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