Misconceptions and Realities on Atheism

Being an atheist is as difficult as being homosexual. People think that we are abnormal or even mad. Religious apologists come to argue, question and to bully us. Sometimes an argument may even ends up at the edge of a fight.

There are lots of misconceptions regarding atheism and atheists in general among religious apologists or believers. I always think about writing about it in my blog.

Fortunately, today I found what I have to tell on this matter beautifully arranged in a Facebook page called ‘Thank God, I’m still an atheist’. It is an informative page but it’s in my native language, Malayalam. So this post is actually a translation of the post I found on the Facebook page I just mentioned.


1.      Atheists are the bunch of people who always blame and criticize god

Atheists are people who have realized there is no god. How can they criticize or blame a thing which doesn’t even exist? The god depicted in religious texts is a cruel god. Atheists still hope that even if there is a god and its existence has been proven, the bloody wars between religions will be over.  

2.      Atheists think they know everything.

It is actually theists who believe in the heaven-hell concept and the creation myth both of them doesn’t have scientific proof or evidence. Atheists dare enough to admit their limit of knowledge but strive to break the limit by gathering more information through scientific methods. They never put god or a holy book in the place of their ignorance. God is basically an imaginary concept or idea to fill the gaps of ignorance.

 3.      Atheists never value family relationships.

They value family relationships. They are even ready to go to temple/ church/mosque with their family members briefly keeping aside their disbelief in god and religion. They are willing to do good not because of the fear of god or the reward of a heavenly life. They do right things because they know it is the right thing to do.

 4.      Atheists lead an immoral, unethical and undisciplined life.

Most of the criminals are religious. According to a recent study conducted in US, it has been proved that only seven percent of criminals are atheists. 90% of the scientists in US are atheists. Moreover, there has never been a war, riot or even a fight in the name of atheism in human history. The god invented by religions all over the world is the root of terrorism, wars, inquisitions, ethnic cleansing and persecutions.

5.      Atheists pray in private and criticize it in public.

It’s a baseless argument. If a person publicly denies the existence of god and refuses to pray, he gets only losses in life. Then why should he or she be an atheist in public and pray in private?

 6.      Atheists love public attention by shouting ‘there is no god’

Basically, if a person who realizes there is no god, never speak it out fearing the questions and hatred from the believers. So, an atheist is not a person who loves public attention by shouting: ‘there is no god’

7.      Every atheist becomes a religious apologist when they approach the old age.

When every person approaches old age, it is very difficult to live a normal life and also to carry on with their daily chores. It is actually a helpless situation. Most of the closely related people stay away from an atheist only because he or she doesn’t believe in god. It may be a self imposed way of acting like a believer or a religious apologist to get care and support from others.

8.      Atheists blame their own culture and devalue it.

An atheist opposes wrong, unethical, immoral rituals and superstitions in his own culture. It is often mistaken as criticizing, blaming and devaluing his or her own culture.

9.      Atheists encourage homosexuality.

No atheist ever encouraged homosexuality. They stand for the equality for all sexual inclinations. They never think homosexuals are inferior to them or vice versa. Theists are opposing homosexuals only because their religious texts say so.

10.  Atheists believe only in things which they can see, touch and feel.

Atheists believe in things which are backed by scientific evidence or proofs. An atheist doesn’t believe in god. His or her disbelief in god is mainly based on the fact that the idea or the existence of god hasn’t yet been backed by any scientific evidence or proof. 

Most of the theists oppose Darwinian Evolution Theory because it damages their religious views. But Darwinian Evolution Theory is a scientifically proven theory. Embryology, Paleontology and Genetics throw light and backs it up.

If a human fossil is found along with dinosaur fossil, we can prove that Evolution theory is wrong but it has been very successful till today in shedding light on the origin of human and other living creatures on this planet.

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