Lessons from SuDoKu

During my college days, I was highly addicted to reading newspapers. And it was during those days, I stumbled upon this game, which usually can be find mostly at the bottom corner of the last page of most newspapers.

It consists of 9×9 grids partially filled with numbers from 1 to 9. Rest of the numbers in grids or boxes shall be filled by the person who is supposed to solve it.

At first glance, it looks like a game which requires excellent mathematical skills to solve. But in reality, it doesn’t need the mathematical ability required for a 10 year old kid!

At first I was hesitant to try out. But eventually I started out playing the game. Within short span of time, I fell in love with it.

SuDoKu, which means ‘single number’ in Japanese, was not only challenging but also good enough to thrill me when I solve one game after another. Eventually, it was also capable of teaching me number of valuable life lessons to learn and to follow.

Some of the valuable life lessons I learnt from this great game are mentioned below.

Behind every complexity there is simplicity

When you carefully observe the world around you, you can find out that every human inventions and natural entities which look complex runs on a simple concept. You can also observe that whichever things looks or feels highly complex, have its roots on a simple concept or an idea.

Patience always pays

Patience or persistence is always a virtue for the success of an individual or an endeavor. Without possessing this great quality, no one can succeed in their life or in any activity he or she undertakes.

Every problem has a solution

There are no problems in this world, which haven’t find their solution. A problem is always born with a solution to it. It is how we handle the problem and take action to find solution that make the difference.

While solving the SuDoKu puzzle, at times, I felt that all ways are closed at me to solve that particular puzzle. A little bit of patience from my side in observing all possible ways always opened the door to the solution to the entire puzzle.

As a Private Financial Trader and a Hedge Fund Manager, this lesson was successfully applied in my profession too.

There are no roadblocks only challenges

To succeed In life and in SuDoku, there shouldn’t be no roadblocks; there should be only challenges. This is what separates a successful person from a failed person. Successful one saw only challenges while the failed one saw only roadblocks.

Hope you will also try your hand at this beautiful, challenging and simple game soon.

Image Courtesy: Internet


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