Business Class – An Uneducated Class?

“You failed the degree?” my uncle asked me during the inauguration ceremony of my first office at my home town. “Why did you asked like that?” I enquired. “ If you have passed your degree, you could have got a good job! I’m wondering, why you have started a business?” he replied with a smile.

That statement hurt me a lot. It sounded like – I failed the degree, so I didn’t get any good job and when I got cornered, I decided to take up a business.

The truth is: after completing degree, I got a job, worked for few months and I quit. The reason was quite simple: I always love the concept of being independent rather than working for someone else. I love doing business rather than working on a 9 to 5 job. I love being my own boss. I love to learn and create something on my own.

My uncle was a bank employee who started working for a public sector bank at a very early age. He is retired now. He just ended up like an ordinary government service guy who reads 4 to 5 newspapers a day, visits doctor, pays bills and collect his pension every month.

There is nothing wrong with his life, unless he thinks there is something wrong. Otherwise, it is a perfect life. Some people love that kind of life and some others don’t. I belong in the latter class of people.

There is something wrong with the thinking that the realm of business or enterprise belongs only to uneducated. And the wise, educated lot opt for a good job and make up a good life.

In reality, employees are an integral part of a business. If there are no businesses or enterprises, there would be no jobs. If a business or an enterprise went into trouble, it will definitely effect the lives of it’s employees. So jobs and businesses are interlinked. We can’t term a person who take up a job as smart and other one, who take a risk, start an enterprise as uneducated or fool.

The entrepreneurs who are my role-models are avid readers, writers and possess great personality. Some of them are school or college drop-outs but they have educated themselves and do better than their counterparts. 

I love the business I’m in, even though its a tough one. Business of financial trading requires endless hours of learning, lifelong education and great patience to keep cool during market hours. The bookshelf in my house is filled mostly with business related books and I don’t hesitate to buy more of them. I devote great amount of time studying and reading books related to the business. All these was impossible without education.

It is wrong to say that if a person who is not good at studies have to do business to survive. And the truth is that, successful businessmen are highly knowledgeable and has hell lot of money. Entrepreneurs, businessmen and people who take risk to start a business are backbone of an economy. They are job creators rather than job seekers.

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