An Atheist’s Purpose in a Purposeless Life and Universe

The very idea that no one is watching over you and there is no life after death seems so dark and hopeless. What is the purpose of living a purposeless life? What is the point in doing good, if there is no reward after death?

Being an atheist is to live a life with no fantasy, not believing in an after life where you can meet up with your grandma. It is a life gripped with reality and devoid of superstitions.

It is a tough choice and it is a tough life. Getting rid of childish fantasies, fears and get in face to face with reality is one of the primary traits of an adult individual.

When you ponder upon this, you can understand that even though these thoughts seem so bleak, they are rather liberating. You realize that the purposelessness of life is not an obstacle to be tackled but it is meant to be celebrated.

I always think, what is the point in being a speculator? What is the point in going for a morning run or hitting the gym? What is the point in making new friends? Or, what is the point in writing this blog post? In reality, all these activities make me satisfied, make me smile and gives a purpose for me to live.

Life is more or less an experience or a journey. I believe that the beauty of this journey or experience lies in it’s end. Take for example, if I loved reading a poem, I can never demand that I could read and enjoy it till the end of time and space. The same principle applies if I love watching a movie. I cant demand, it should never end and entertain me forever. The end or climax makes them complete.

Only option we have is to enjoy each and every moment of life and make this journey or experience filled with fun, joy and life.

The meaningless and purposeless universe doesn’t demand a purposeless and meaningless life. We can live fully, love each other, share our knowledge and make this world a better place to live. All these bring meaning and purpose to our life.

The profound thought that everything including humanity, space and time will one day end will bring peace upon everyone. Nothing lives forever and an end is inevitable. I think this bring more beauty to everything we see and experience in our life.

As human beings, our purpose is to live life fully by wondering about the miracles called life, death and universe.

Let’s put it in the words of Kat Arney, biologist and science writer – “I had one life, and I had to make the best of it. There was no heaven or hell, no magic man in the sky, and I was the sole captain of my ship. People tell religious fairy stories to create meaning, but I’d rather face up to what all the evidence suggests is the scientific truth – all we really have is our own humanity. So let’s be gentle to each other and share the joy of simply being alive, here and now. Let’s give it our best shot.”

At the end of the day, we realize that all these thoughts are dependent on our various perceptions about life and universe. Instead of thinking that there is no hope if there is no life  and reward after death and we solely are responsible for our actions; we can take these thoughts as highly liberating and motivating us to live our life fully.

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