The Story of Salumarada Thimakka

This is the story of Thimakka….

She was born in Hoolikkal village in the district of Ram Nagar which is near to Bangalore city in the state of Karnataka.

This mother gained international attention when she won National Citizenship Award in 1996 for her environmental conservation initiatives.

Her fellow villagers fondly call her Salumarada Thimakka. Salumarada in Kannada means a strip of adjacently planted trees.

She hadn’t hear the cry she earnestly yearned to hear in her 25 years of life after marriage – the cry of her own child.

Painfully, the lullabies she fondled in her heart fled into oblivion.

But, even while enduring the agony of being childless, she planted and watered 384 teak saplings alongside a major road in her village.

Those cool, shady trees which stand along on both sides of the road soon became her children and also a great message to society.

Her initiative shed light to darkness filled lives of thousands of childless couples.

Birth is a boon of nature. Thimakka gives the message that a pointless hope for a child shouldn’t impair our precious life which is gifted by nature.

Look around you… There are lot of great things to be accomplished with our will and vigor.

The concept of the short movie -‘Salumarada’, is inspired by the life of this great 107 year old mother.

It is created under the banner of Future Karma Media and Entertainment.

Reghu Menon is the man behind the story, direction and production of Salumarada. He has 14 years of experience as a program director at four major television channels in Kerala.

Cinematographer Biju Rehman gave life to the script of Reghu.R on screen.

Aneesh Karunakaran is the brain behind editing. Back ground music was composed by Shaji Ponnani and re-recording was undertaken by Prince George Thiroor.

Saseendran Machayil is the art director. Make-up artist is Sufi.

Sooraj R and Shanmu Vijay are production controllers of this project. Associate director is Vishnu Vijay.

Cast of Salumarada includes Justin Raj, Smitha Nair, Shobha Varma and Sandhya Sundaresan, leading lady of national and state award winning movie, Aalorukkam.

Please do watch, share and support the teaser of Salumarada.


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