Meet Mr. Word Game, My New Trainer for Life and Business

I was bed ridden at my home during first two weeks of March after meeting up with a road accident on last week of February.

Those days were some of the toughest days of my life. I was depressed after the road accident in which I escaped from death by a stroke of luck. My left fore-arm was broken, and had to undergo a surgery to reinstate the bone which got dislocated.

I had to put an arm-sling on my left arm which was plastered. It was difficult to move my hands and also to sleep comfortably.

Few days after I got discharged from hospital, I had to painfully watch my pet dog, Bruno die. He was suffering from cancer on his head for past few months and unfortunately, we couldn’t recognize it at an early stage. We were forced to euthanize him under the supervision of a vet and I had to watch him die in front of my eyes. It was hard to bear because I loved him so much.

I had decided to suspend my business till the day my hand is free from plaster and arm-sling. I also need time for my mind to get back to normality from the shock of road accident.

Since I suspended my stock market operations, I don’t have anything to do other than reading books. My subscription to Amazon Kindle helped me a lot because most of the reading was done on Kindle’s android app on mobile. I couldn’t hold a book with a single hand while I was lying on bed.

It was through a video in Instagram, I came to know about an android app called Word Cross. It was a simple, fun word game. All we have to do is to find out sensible words out of randomly placed words in each level. It was easy, enjoyable and time flies while playing it.

When I found out that this word game is addictive. My next step was to browse internet for new word games.

Fortunately, Microsoft itself was providing a kit of word games called Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (MUWG) which consists of three excellent word games- Wordament, Jumble and Cross Words.

I don’t have experience in playing any game other than SuDoKu, which is a number game which doesn’t require any mathematical skill.

pexels-photo-262529.jpegI usually don’t even play crosswords too. Crosswords seemed so confusing to me and also I don’t know any of my friends who are playing it to ask for help or guidance.

But with MUWG, everything was easy at my finger tips. I can play crosswords with single hand while relaxing on my computer chair.

Words are magic. Words are powerful. Words are manifestations of our thoughts.

I’m a lover of words and the process of learning. Words helps to gain knowledge and also to disseminate what we have learnt, observed and explored.

Word games grappled my attention the moment I started playing it. And after few weeks of playing it, I realized how it is helping me both personally and professionally.

I love writing. Word games gave me a new perspective on writing. I realized that writing is also a word game. Whatever I write in the beginning will be a crap. (I think it applies to every writer) I randomly place my thoughts. Then, I work on that randomly placed written thoughts by re-reading and editing. I repeat that fascinating process until I get a beautiful write-up. This process may take days or sometimes, weeks. But I highly enjoy this process of playing with words, thoughts and imagination.

Word games has become a training arena for word power, thoughts and imagination.

When it comes to my business. I’m doing speculation in stock market for a living. It is basically an intelligent guessing game. A speculator is basically an intelligent guesser and a solver of puzzle.

Markets seem like a puzzle to me. I make a living by guessing the next price move of the stocks which I’m trading.

Word games also require good guessing and I get high when I solve a puzzle like a trade when it reaches the price target I have guessed.

Word games boost my curiosity, vocabulary, guessing and problem solving skills. Never realized an activity which I have started to kill my time has become an integral part of life and business.


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