‘Njaval Pazhangal’ ‘ഞാവൽ പഴങ്ങൾ’ – A Beautifully Narrated Short Film

Since visual media and technology has become cheap and accessible to everyone, lot of amateur film makers are into creating short movies and showcasing it in platforms like YouTube.

Short-film making has become a rat race. Some of them conveys socially relevant messages while most of them don’t. And, I don’t want or like to be a part of this rat race.

While I was doing an acting course at Actlab Studios, I got opportunities to act in several short films and I rejected all of them.

In 2016, Jeeva K Janardhanan, director of the short film ‘Njaval Pazhangal’ (ഞാവൽ പഴങ്ങൾ ) along with Sajith Kumar, script writer and producer came to my acting school in search of an actor to do a prominent role in their short film.

Sajeev Nambiyath, my mentor introduced and suggested me to them. I couldn’t refuse since the suggestion was made by my mentor himself. When they detailed the concept and script, I fell in love with it. When shoot begun, I got along very well with the crew. I had a great time being a part of the short film even though it was only for two days.

‘Njaval Pazhangal'(ഞാവല്‍പ്പഴങ്ങള്‍) or Jamun tells the story of color, sex, gender, caste and creed discrimination prevalent in our society.

Within a year, Jamun has been screened at various film festivals and received wide critical acclaim even from popular juries like John Paul.

It has received nearly 7 awards in different categories at various film festivals including Noida film festival.

You can watch this beautifully narrated, socially relevant short movie – “Njaval Pazhangal”(ഞാവല്‍പ്പഴങ്ങള്‍) below.


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