Discovering My Beautiful Mind: A Book Review

Your Beautiful Mind – Control Alcohol & Love Life More is a self empowerment book focuses on the menace of alcoholism. It is written by Cassandra Gaisford, an award winning artist and author based in New Zealand.

Cassandra’s family had taken a heavy toll of alcoholism in past. It is her experiences that encouraged her to write about alcoholism and inspire people to quit this destructive habit. This book, which is a result of in-depth research and study, is written concisely in a lucid language that even a layman can comprehend.

Drinking alcohol is a traditional pleasure pursuit in our society. Drinking is considered as a fun and cool activity as well as an inevitable tool for socializing. Our society is used to blame the addict rather than the addictive substance which causes the addiction. It is similar to blaming the sufferer rather than the disease.

Alcohol is one of the most addictive legalized drugs on the planet. With scientific support, Your Beautiful Mind reveals that the image we have imposed on drinking is, in fact, an illusion. It shows the real reasons behind why we drink, why we hook onto drinking and how we develop tolerance for alcohol until we start inviting troubles in life.

The book introduces us to the world of sobriety, a world most drinkers think as boring and devoid of fun as well as excitement.

This books explores the amazing world of sobriety which is filled with better health, more energy, greater enthusiasm for life, deeper and more fulfilling relationships, improved finances, deeper spiritual connection, enhanced creativity, elevated well-being, peace of mind, freedom, happiness, true joy and increased brainpower.

Apart from getting artificial high from depressants like alcohol, Cassandra teaches the reader how to fetch natural high from love, passions like reading, writing and other artistic as well as creative expressions.

Your Beautiful Mind shows how alcohol provide us with a short term high which ultimately results in a long term low, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

She shatters the mask of alcohol as a cool, happy drink and make us realize that alcohol is basically Ethanol, a neurotoxic bio-fuel. The book also discusses the role of alcohol in global crime rate.

The books also touches upon the inspiring lives of famous people who had quit alcohol for good.banner alll books more passion less ground hog day

She brings in the conclusion that our body and mind is a naturally endowed pharmaceutical storehouse. With the support of neuroscience, she explains that our brain can provide natural pain relief, mood enhancement and reward system stimulation.

This book also states that alcohol industry is a powerful lobby which thrives on our drinking habit or alcoholism and promotes it through advertisements as well as other media gimmicks.

Your Beautiful Mind gives recommendations on various books, websites, Facebook pages and YouTube videos those offer help and support on alcoholism.

Your Beautiful Mind heralds the new, sober global awakening or renaissance. She is of the opinion that sobriety is becoming a status symbol and where once we couldn’t party without a cigarette in our hand, or socialize without ingesting a plume of toxic smoke at a pub; booze-free bars, nightclubs and communities are sprouting like poppy seeds all around the world. She also considers being boozed is a relic from the dark ages and this is an era of enlightenment.

Cassandra, with her book, ushers a new way of thinking and urges the importance of spending more money on treatment, education, and policies that reduce access to alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Enriched with an immense bundle of knowledge, Your Beautiful Mind, encourages the reader to embrace drunkenness with sobriety which can give natural high that won’t drain the bank account, ruin relationships, derail careers or add double-digits to our bum, gut and thighs.

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