A Short Stroll of Religion and Science

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Photo by Mitchell Cizmas on Pexels.com

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this short story which was posted as a poster in a Facebook page, I follow, named Atheist. You can easily find the page by simply search for @supportatheism in Facebook.

This short story is just a slap on the face on people who are of the opinion that religion and science can go hand in hand – an impossible phenomenon.

The reader can also add spirituality to the realm of religion.

A Short Stroll of Religion and Science

Once upon a time, two little girls – one named Science, and one named Religion – went on a walk.

“There is a wizard hiding in that tree,” Religion said. So Science climbed up the tree, but there was only a mother sparrow feathering her nest.

“There is a wizard hiding in that house,” Religion said. So, Science knocked at the door, but there was only Mr. Pendleton the mailman.

“There is a wizard hiding in that–” Religion said.

“You’ve said there is a wizard hiding in every single goddamned thing we’ve passed.” Science interrupted. “And, we have not seen so much as one single goddamned wizard during this walk. I’ve taken the time to investigate every one of your claims, and -without exception!- everything you’ve pointed at has contained something perfectly mundane. Chances are that, whatever you’re about to say, there is no wizard there, either!”

“It’s pretty arrogant of you,” Religion said, “to think you know for a fact there aren’t any wizards hiding anywhere.”

Science and Religion don’t take many walks together anymore.


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