Our Deceptive World


Deception is a combatant tactic used by military organizations all over the world. Deception tactics are chiefly deployed to mislead the enemy in order to win a war or conflict. Deception can be in the form of camouflage or any kind of psychological operations.

In our world, if we closely observe, we can find that deception tactic is cleverly deployed by various professions and business establishments. When we get closer to them, mainly the ones those are lucrative, we can come to the conclusion that they are not the ones those are observed and felt from outside.

Survival of any businesses, be it media industry or financial market, is dependent on the deception tactics it plays towards the public or the uninformed mass.

Reality always has its own unique beauty. Basically, there is no need for an external stimuli to make us happier. In an economy, only by creating an external stimuli and selling it to the needy, profit can be generated.

If there is no need or demand for something, the need or demand should be created to run a profitable business. So, in modern world, deception itself has also become a lucrative business.

Most of the businesses or professions run on simple concepts or theories but deception tactics played by vested interest groups or informed insiders make it look complicated to the uninformed public.

As a diver who is in search for a pearl, we should dive deep into the field we love and break the shell of deception to meet the simple, beautiful reality or concept on which that particular field runs on.

To illustrate from my own experience, I’m a person who is making a living out of Indian stock market by trading stocks.

Financial markets are in control of every free market economies in the world.

Years ago, when I ventured into trading in financial markets, I was deceived by number of ideas, concepts and theories those not only made any sense to me but also confused me.

When I dig deeper by studying and learning more about financial markets and trading, I came to realize that the basic functioning of any financial market in the world is based on the law of supply and demand, the same law which dictates any economy in the world.

In fact, I was just a victim of deception during my struggling days.

Today, I was reading an article online which describes the role of Gann Analysis and Fibonacci Ratios in influencing the trends of financial markets. While reading it, I was wondering, how can seasonal changes and even the position of stars in our solar system can influence the activities of financial markets those actually run on the simple law of supply and demand?

fire stunt fakir flames

Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com

All these complicated concepts, calculations and theories like Gann Analysis and Fibonacci Ratios not only makes a lover of stock market get diverted from his pursuit of profits but also make the proponents of these stupid theories sound wise and intelligent.

Another interesting and important fact is that William D Gann, the man behind Gann Analysis didn’t made any money trading in stock market based on his own theory. I have read the statement of his own son described in Wikipedia that Gann had made money selling his books on Gann analysis than trading in stock market using his analysis.

And why this kind of failed calculations, theories and concepts are propagated like they are god-send? The truth is, it is a deception tactic plays by vested interest groups in stock market to mislead the public and to generate profit from their ignorance.

Similarly, the life we live is also a very simple phenomenon but we are forced to make it complicated by following deceptive concepts, ideas and theories throw towards us by people who make profit out of misguiding us. Alcohol, nicotine, drugs, spirituality and religion are few among those deception tactics those complicate our simple life.

A profession or a business can only thrive if there is a surplus availability of ignorant people who can be easily deceived.

Just think that, what will happen if every trader in a financial market make money? It would mark the end of financial markets all over the world.

For the proper functioning of a market place, there should always be a buyer for a seller and vice versa. And the beauty of the process is that only one person make money out of a single transaction. In simpler terms, one should lose for another to win.

Can every participant win in an Olympic sports event? No. What about presently running world cup football tournament? After the final match, can every team lift the world cup? No. Only one team can win the world cup. If every team can lift the world cup, there is no point in running a world cup tournament.

There are total of 32 teams competing in world cup tournament and for a single team to win, 31 teams should lose. So winning is done on the foundation of losing.

During college days, I used to hunt acting opportunities in Malayalam movies since I aspired to become an actor during those days. And ultimately, as it happens with most people who are outsiders of the movie industry, I didn’t get any good character roles in Malayalam movies.

I quit that pursuit since I wasn’t enjoying the process of pleading with film directors and few of my friends who are insiders in the Malayalam movie industry.

I also felt like I was not heading anywhere in life since searching for an opportunity to become a movie actor never develop any useful skills for a fruitful future.

It was my business of trading in stock market which gave me money and hope for a great future rather than my hope or aspiration of becoming an actor. Those days, knowingly or unknowingly, I was falling in love with financial markets.

After settling down with business, I joined Actlab, an acting school based in Cochin just to get rid of my weekend boredom. I got great opportunity to watch live acting performance of great actors in my acting school. They are so passionate and committed towards acting. After observing them, I started even questioning my passion towards acting.

I can doubtlessly tell that the aspiring actors I have met there in Actlab can definitely act better than the actors who are considered as superstars or best actors in Malayalam movie industry.

But, why these highly talented and dedicated people are not getting an opportunity to showcase their talent on big screen?

man graffiti jacket free

Photo by thomas vanhaecht on Pexels.com

Basically, movie industry depends on the denial of opportunities to new talents since it jeopardizes the stardom of so called superstars.

Do you think movie actors or actresses are the best looking persons on this planet? No, they are not.

Personally, I have seen more beautiful and handsome people than movie actors in my life.

And, why celebrities are heralded as the sexiest, handsomest and beautiful person on this planet?

It is done by the cosmetics industry as a marketing strategy to promote their beauty products on weak people who thinks that those products can enhance their looks to the level of the movie star who advertise the product.

During my ignorant, childhood days I was a great fan of movie stars. I used to believe that they are larger than life persons who have made great contributions to our world.

When time passed by, and when I read and came to know more about great people who have made greater contributions to our world, I realized that movie-stars disguised as superstars are just what they are – actors. And, nothing else.

Our world will witness a tremendous positive transformation when youngsters ditch fan-clubs of so called movie superstars and create fan-clubs to celebrate the success as well as to thank the contributions of great people like Abdul Kalam, Kalpana Chawla, Charles Darwin or Albert Einstein.

This type of transformation requires a contrarian thinking prowess that is hard as well as time consuming to acquire. But, it is not impossible.

People who think critically or contrarily are considered as rebels in our society. Our economy, society and our world in general need a thoughtless, obedient mass who always comply with the status quo.

More than 70% of our world’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of 5% of the population. Why such an inequality of wealth and power is developing in our world?

No one can blame the 5% of the population for becoming wealthier or powerful than rest of us. They are becoming rich or powerful only because they are thinking and acting contrarily from rest of us.

Deceptive tactics of our world is solely deployed by few highly intelligent, informed people to spawn preys to feed upon.

Do what you love, fall in love with knowledge, embrace the beauty of reality and engage in thinking critically as well as contrarily to escape from the cage of being a prey to our deceptive world.

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