Publicly, with love…

publicly with loveWhile taking rest after the surgery done on my left hand, broken from the road accident on February 2018 and moreover, recovering from my addictive behavior, my mom had not only restricted me from using any vehicle for a year but also from touching anything that move!

When it comes to automobiles, motorbike and aeroplane appeal me most. As I’m not rich enough to own an aeroplane, I satisfied myself with a motorbike for past 17 years.

I always love the feeling of riding a motorbike. It is a feeling closest to the feeling of flying.

Driving a car doesn’t give that feeling to me and that is the reason I don’t enjoy driving a car. Car, to me, is a closed entity that removes us from the world outside.

I read somewhere that, driving a car makes you feel like you are watching a movie but riding a bike makes you feel like starring in it!

By the way, after the road accident and eventually, completed every legal procedures, I sold my bike!

So, for past 10 months, I’m using public transit system for my commutation needs. It includes bus, Uber, auto-rickshaw and at times, I share rides with my friends.

Today, in fact, I’m re-experiencing long lost school days of my life when I used to travel in bus or auto.

During those days, while traveling, I had made number of friends, listened to gossips or rumors disguised as news and chitchatted on trivial topics. It was fun.

After higher secondary education, I bought a used motorbike and that purchase marked the end of my fun filled ‘public’ life.

For past 17 years, I was missing that joy and fun or above all, a connection with people around or society in general.

These days, I can meet up and talk with people in my locality whom I had not met or talked for years. If I was using a car or bike, there is no possibility for me to meet or talk with them for the rest of my life.

Recently, I got an opportunity to appear in a promo advertisement of Flower’s TV and that advertisement started airing from the 1st week of November 2018.

The very next day, the advertisement was aired, while I was standing at the bus-stop, a person, who is a resident at my locality was passing by on his bike. When he saw me standing at bus-stop, he slowed down and came near to me.

He appreciated me with a smile and told that he saw me in a television advertisement last day. He also added that my expression and acting was exceptional. I was greatly overwhelmed with joy.

You can watch my exceptional acting and expression in the advertisement below!

I would have missed all these appreciation, if I was using private transit like car or motorbike. I feel that private transit system is really taking us away from society.

Past 10 months of my life was ushering a new chapter in my life. I saw, learnt and experienced new things. I also realized what I had lost in my life and from myself during past years of my life. My life during these days is nothing other than a pursuit to take my lost life back.

The smile of people waiting for bus at bus-stops, the chit-chat while traveling and yes, beautiful girls all around! I’m enjoying all these.

It is greatly priceless when people inquire about my well being or simply appreciate my performance in a Television advertisement, while I’m passing through a bitter, bottom phase of my life.

The love, affection and appreciation I receive from everyone is definitely inspiring me to recover from my mid-life crisis.

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