Cause & Effect aka Karma

Every action has equal and opposite reaction
Newton’s third law

1024px-lorenz_attractor_yb.svgKarma pays. Karma stalks. Karma is a bitch! What else?

An air of mysticism always surrounds Karma and it sounds complex as people interpret it in different ways.

According to ancient Hindu scriptures and Buddhist texts, Karma is the sum of a person’s actions and thoughts that he or she pick up from their previous birth, experience its aftermath in present life or may take it along with them to their next life. The cycle of birth and rebirth is never ending until the person gets Moksha or liberation.

Anyway, phenomenons of birth and rebirth belong to the realm of metaphysics as it doesn’t have evidence to prove its existence.

During Vedic period, so called upper caste lot employed Karma as a deceitful ploy to maintain and strengthen the barrier of caste system. A person can be easily convinced that their misfortune in present life is the result of their Karma in previous life or birth.

Upper caste lot were highly successful in convincing and making people believe that a person born as lower caster or untouchable is the result of their misdeeds in previous life. Only way to attain Moksha is to serve and being submissive to the upper caste lot.

Deep down under all those nonsense, Karma is basically science and it works, bitches!

In the realm of science, Karma is mere cause and effect. For an effect to occur, there should be a cause behind it. If you push a cart, it should move. If someone strikes your head with a hammer, your skull should break into pieces. It is as simple as that.

If you do good things in life, good things will come to you. Bad deeds welcome awful repercussions. When you are nice to others, they will be nice to you. If you offer help to others, they will offer help to you in return at the time of your needs.

You don’t need to worry about backpacking all your Karma on your journey towards your next life. Karma will look for you, karma will find you and it will kick your ass in your present life itself.

As a financial trader, I love to read on economics and particularly on financial markets. I’m always fascinated on the history of financial markets all around the world.

When I read and learnt about every financial market crises in last century, I could find a cause or a chain of small causes happened over time that ultimately triggered a financial crisis or an economic depression. A financial crisis or an economic depression is not an instantaneous phenomenon but appears to be one.

Recently, when my business faced a terrible death blow which brought me near to bankruptcy, I was actually wondered about the terrible setback happened to my business that was running quite well since 2015.

But the day when I sat down and started writing about everything I have done from the day I had embarked on my business, I realized the mistakes I had committed and how those mistakes effected my business adversely.

My mind became clear when I put pen on paper. Till that day, I thought writing was just a way of creative expression. But on that day, I realized with awe that writing is something magical.

Like butterfly effect, over years, my mistakes, both personal and related to business that are too little to recognize at that point of time finally ended up blowing up my business into pieces.

Two days ago, I was watching an interview of Hollywood actor, Dwayne Douglas Johnson or The Rock on a Facebook page named Goal-cast. When asked about how he became an overnight success, he told that his success doesn’t happen overnight and it was a result of his years long struggle and hard work.

He also added that nobody sees anyone struggling in life or in his career. It is the success that makes the noise and brings the successful person to limelight.


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