Why I’m a Feminist

person standing on hand rails with arms wide open facing the mountains and clouds

Photo by Nina Uhlíková on Pexels.com

Since day one in recorded human history, women had been standing side by side with men in hunting, collecting fruits and tubers and raising his off-springs. Women and men were equal in terms of everything during those primitive, hunter-gatherer days.

When does men started considering women as inferior to him?

As far as my knowledge in sociology is concerned, I figure out that it is during the days mankind decided to settled down as civilization after inventing agriculture, discrimination of women had begun. Women had given the role of a home-maker and her sole responsibility consists of raising children and cooking food, while men went out to work in paddy fields.

Then religion entered the scene. Religions especially Semitic ones consider women inferior to men. According to Bible, woman is created from the rib of a man. The labor pain is believed to be a punishment inflicted on women from the merciful, loving god as the first woman, Eve, persuaded the first man, Adam to eat the fruit of knowledge.

Koran, a book I felt more or less like a rule book, asserts that women are entitled to receive only half of the inheritance compared to men. It has also been clearly mentioned that a woman is equal only to two men.

Generations after generations, all these repressive practices have brought a feeling of inferiority deeply ingrained in the brain of women.

But, the position of women underwent a tremendous shift when mankind entered capitalistic industrial age and waged two great wars in human history – World War I and II.

When men were sent to war fields, women got the responsibility to take care of home, children as well as to work at a job. This made the western women realize that women can do more than men.

I have read that jobs related to communication technology, a job which requires more patience and sitting for a long time preferred women over men.

It is after the world wars, feminist movements grew stronger in western world and they started demanding equal rights and opportunities.

When it comes to a patriarchal society like ours, feminists were considered arrogant, outspoken women who degrades men whenever possible. A patriarchal society is just the product of man’s attitude of superiority and selfishness. He also used religious books as a means to suppress and dominate women.

It should also be noted that no women had ever written a single word or a chapter in so called holy, religious books. Women never do shit! I respect them for that.

I still remember the days during my school days, if a girl comes to school wearing denim jeans, she is considered as a ‘bitch’. But, today, I watch with astonishment that most of the schools have girls wearing trousers as uniforms and riding motorbikes and cars. It is a tremendous change in past two decades. I appreciate that.

Recently, thousands of women rallied on streets demanding the restriction of women in Sabarimala similar to the days when Sati, an ancient practice of burning a widow alive was abolished in 1829. Thousands of women thronged on streets and demanded the preservation of a brutal, ancient custom like Sati.

What they are doing is nothing other than taking our society back to the Bronze Age repression of women abolished by industrial age as well as demand the preservation of it in today’s information age.

How ironic is women demanding restriction of women as well as burning women alive! The truth is, the feeling of inferiority is imbued in their minds in greater depth by the repressive practices carried out on them for generations.

Women are here not to do what men do, but to do what men can’t do. It is only with the equal participation of women and men, a society can move forward.

As my life is concerned, it is my mother who raised my family out of the poverty that my father brought due to his failed business ventures and alcoholism. While my father was living a life of his own, my mother was sacrificing her life for family and her two children.

She was the person who provided me with the capital to start my business. The courage I saw in her even when she lost her younger son to a road accident has brought a deep imprint in my heart. She taught me the value of love, perseverance and courage. It is in her, I found womanhood.

I always wonder why women are fighting for equality while they are superior to men in great many aspects.

Even though I’m a man living in a patriarchal society, I can proudly tell that I’m a product of a woman and I’m a feminist!

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