Pen, a magic wand.

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I’m not a believer in supernaturalism. But these days, the thing I’m holding right now in my hand, to write this blog post, makes me believes in magic. Yes, I’m talking about the pen.

When I took pen in my hand for the first time in my life, it was a mere instrument to write down things I memorize in order to score marks in examinations.

It is only after I began writing letters to my mother who was working abroad during my schooling days, I realized that the pen possesses a magical power – a unique power to express our emotions as words and transmit it to another person. In fact, I was falling in love with the process of writing.

Rather than putting down memorized theories, essays and stories, we can also jot down and organize our random thoughts. It can also make us deeply understand the emotions behind those thoughts.

A wise man once told: “Writing is often the process by which you realize that you do not understand what you are talking about.”

In 2008, while pursuing my master’s degree in Journalism, I tried my hand at blogging. I used a pen to write down the post on paper and type it to the computer those days.

The arrival of laptop marked the end of the usage of the pen in my life. I started touch-typing for my blog and also for business communication.

Since 2013, a hiatus happened to my writing until 2017 as I concentrated more on business and indulged myself in activities that deluded me away from real joys of life.

In 2018, when I’m back to writing, I feel that the pen I hold in my hand is gently transforming itself into a magic wand that generate new ideas and thoughts. It can also keep them crisp and shiny. And, above all, it keeps my head clear.

In 2019, after a break of more than a decade, I started writing personal journals as well. Not only in personal life, but also in my business, writing has started working its magic. I started writing regularly on business and trading strategies. It not only helped to devise new strategies but also showed me new ways to expand my business.

Today, a pen and a writing pad are my constant companions wherever I go. Whenever I get struck with an idea or a mere thought, I sit down, put it down on paper and at the same time, feel it, play with it and organize them in any way possible.

It is an exciting endeavor to watch my thoughts and ideas generate, proliferate and take various shapes and sizes like clay in a potter’s hand.

When you go through hard times in life, hold your pen tightly. Trust me, it is a magic wand that can ebb your troubles or woes. The only thing you have to do is to write, write and write till you can watch solutions to every problems gently appearing on the paper.

If you get a random idea, write, write and write till that idea proliferate and transform at least into a blog post. Who knows, if you get an idea, write regularly on it for a few months and one day, a book may get ready to be published!

That is the power of putting the magic wand of pen on paper. It makes your ideas and thoughts flow freely and makes them lively.

Writing using pen has its own advantages over touch-typing. Plainly writing sitting silently in a serene ambiance can relax us, as well as provoke our thoughts and ideas and induce their free flow on to the paper. On the other hand, touch-typing by gazing at a glaring computer screen, to a great extent, chop the physical connection between our head and hand.

When you combine music, especially instrumental music, with writing, you can see that the entire process becomes a trip – an amazing trip with your thoughts and ideas as well as watching them playing in front of your eyes. These days, I’m falling in love with the combination of instrumental music and writing. And I feel, it is addictive than any other drugs on this planet.

When I start scribbling on paper, I feel like a magician who takes out pigeons and bunnies out of thin air with his magic wand. As a magician, a writer takes out his thoughts and ideas from his mind, materializes it on paper and transmits its magic to the reader.

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