Humanism for dummies

humanismAccording to Wikipedia, humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence (rationalism and empiricism) over the acceptance of dogma or superstition.

In simpler terms, it is an approach in which humans consider themselves as fellow human beings and coexist in love and peace beyond religious, cultural and geopolitical barriers.

When we take the billions of years long history of life on our planet into consideration, we can figure out that before the advent of humans, several species had inherited and dominated our planet. They had, eventually, perished or faced extinction. There is also a possibility that one day, we may also perish and pave the way for other species to dominate this earth.

When we consider the magnitude of our planet and universe, at large, we can figure out how irrelevant are we in this endless space.

The core of the humanistic approach is to perceive that all living organisms on this planet are interconnected. It is really exciting to learn that human DNA has an approximately 60% genetic resemblance to a banana! So you can realize how ridiculous it is to divide people in the name of religion, caste, creed, sex, and color.

The only thing constant in our universe is change. Seasons change, economies rise and fall, and we born and die. Everything around us is dynamic by nature. The only way the human race can move forward is to accept the change and evolve accordingly. Like we evolved and reached the present stage of our existence.

There are two types of people in the world: retrogressive and progressive. Retrogressive or traditional people cling on to the ideologies that numbed the progress of mankind in earlier days. Their narrow mindedness makes them take a neutral stance on anything and everything happen around them. They never take an effort to either interfere or question the status quo.

On the other hand, progressive people are open-minded as well as dynamic. They are visionaries who anticipate changes and are powerful enough to transform the world.

A humanist is an open-minded, dynamic person. He is a learning machine who know that every field of knowledge on earth is interconnected and is beyond the reach of an individual during his lifetime. Every expert in a field possesses the knowledge and wisdom in accordance with that particular period of his lifetime and the stage of development of that specific field of knowledge.

The process of gaining knowledge is perpetual. New, innovative ideas can take birth from simple, rudimentary information and knowledge.

A humanist walks on this planet with the realization that ideas, concepts, facts and principles changes in accordance with time. He also knows that every man-made systems are imperfect. Even human anatomy and the universe in which we exist is imperfect by nature.

A Humanist is a person who believes that the objective of human life is to become a person of value rather than a person with a price tag. A priceless person is not defined by his possessions and his existence is highly beneficial to society one way or other.

In today’s information age, gaining information on anything under the sun is an easier task for an eager, curious mind. Even though, we experience the abundance of information and knowledge; wisdom is taking a backseat these days.

A humanist displays the patience and courage to convert the collected information into a piece of applicable knowledge. He even takes the risk to apply the gained knowledge and shows courage to face the repercussions, whether it is good, bad or ugly. When experience blends with knowledge, it gives birth to wisdom.

Wisdom can only be attained by trial and error method with an open heart to identify and correct one’s mistakes. The objective of a humanist is to gain knowledge and allocate resources in order to use it to lift up his society and humanity as a whole.

A person with a closed or static mindset cant be a humanist. Humanism is the realization that human values stand higher than any religious or political ideologies. It is the awareness to uphold one’s personal freedom without hurting others.

A humanist knows that when a person becomes static in our thoughts, ideas, and learning, it could be the death of him as a human being.

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