Breaking the shells of comfort zone

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Imagine, what would a seed of a plant or a tree think when it gets buried in a pit. A hot, humid place filled with darkness would look and feel like a hell without an escape. The seed would assume that its life had come to an end.

But, in fact, those conditions were simply acting as a trigger for a new beginning in the life of the seed. A seed can only sprout in a hot, humid condition under the soil. It can become worthless or eventually decay in the coziness of an air-conditioned room. A cozy atmosphere cannot trigger the sprouting of a seed or support its transformation into a plant or tree.

Similarly, a butterfly emerges from pupae by splitting the pupal case with its tiny wings. The pupation period can last up to weeks to years respective of the species of the butterflies or insects. Transformation of a pupa to a butterfly is a very hard, painful process during which the wings of a butterfly gathers strength to fly higher in its adult life.

When hard times hit our life, rather than looking at it as a curse or a situation that emerged to damage or end our life, take it as an opportunity to grow, learn and reflect. Every problem comes with an opportunity hidden in itself.

It is only when we take the courage to identify and reflect from failure, rather than looking at it as a stroke of bad luck or omen, we can uncover the hidden opportunity in it.

Human life never achieves growth or develops if a person remains in his comfort zone or cocoon. Learning and growth always lie outside our comfort zone. This is the reason we can see people around us who follow a single lifestyle, think the same thoughts or cling to similar religious or political ideologies for long years or even for a lifetime. In fact, humans fail by default if they remain where they are.

One day, I told a friend of mine that, I respect a failed entrepreneur more than an employee who earns a six digit salary. Obviously, he didn’t understand what I was trying to convey. I meant that the failed entrepreneur if he learns from his mistake, can build up a business empire later in his life. But, the employee who earns the six digit salary still earns the same salary even after working for years or even for a lifetime.

It is only after facing severe defeat personally and also in my career, I started to think about the mistakes I had done in my life. When we look back, analyze and write down things that went bad as well as good, we can realize the bad decisions we took, destructive habits we developed and eventually, figure out how to correct it and move on with life.

It is nothing other than a very hard, painful self-realization phase. I consider it as the cocoon phase in which an individual should break the pupal-case of old, destructive habits and lifestyle in order to come out to life as a high flying, beautiful butterfly.

Somewhere I heard or read that the path to heaven is always through hell. It is only through pain we grow. It is the way of life. It is the way of nature. That is the reason a wise man once told that failures are the stepping stones to success.

Failures are definitely stepping stones to success, only if we learn and reflect from the failures. Otherwise, failures remain as failures and success, a distant dream.

I was an avid reader of motivational and inspirational books during college days but the lessons I learned in those books remain as mere lessons or theories until I started facing failures and troubles in my own life. It is only when experience and philosophy collide, a person can deeply understand the meaning of each valuable lesson he learned.

Today, even though I go through immense pain and confusion, I still believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I acquired that belief or faith by reading a number of good books. It provides me the strength to carry on with my life, passions, and dreams.

I consider the pain and distress I experience these days is the repercussions of breaking the shells of the comfort zone that bred inertia in my life and also slowly killed my dreams and passions.

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