Education – a dynamic endeavor in 21st century

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An ordinary person stops learning at the age of 23. An extraordinary person keeps on learning until the end of his life. An average person reads 2 to 3 books in a year while a CEO reads at least one book a week.

We have been raised by instilling three mantras inside our head – ‘study well’ ‘get good grades’ and ‘get a good job’.

Generally, settling down in a job marks the end of our period of learning and education. Majority of us believe that securing a job is the ultimate goal of life and they can live happily ever after.

Our educational system is a product of the industrial revolution. It is more or less a hatch field of workers who are just trained to take orders and executes it. We are ‘educated’ on what to think and not how to think.

Our educational system rewards memorizing other people’s ideas and reproducing them on paper. We are neither taught to think critically nor develop our own ideas.

Ideas and information bring changes to the world. Today, information, ideas, and knowledge reaches onto our fingertips with lightning speed. Thanks to the internet and availability of cheap, hi-tech, data enabled handheld devices.

Due to information overload, human mindset, socioeconomic and geopolitical scenarios all over the world is witnessing rapid transformation these days.

Last week, the idea to write this blog-post struck my head while I was watching the updating process of the applications installed in my android cell phone. Every two days, each application gets updated with new features. I can also witness blogs, websites and everything around me undergoes constant transformation.

Like applications, websites and blogs, our brain too demands proper nourishment and constant updating to cope up with the rapidly changing, 21st-century world.

This thought of mine got reinforced while watching a seminar on YouTube on religion conducted by professor Ravichandran C. He is a popular author, rationalist as well as a proponent of reason and science and a friend of mine.

He conveyed in the seminar that, religious books are condensed form of myths that never got updated since the day it was written. So they can’t be considered or believed as the essence of ultimate truth of life. Conversely, science changes constantly in accordance with newly available information. New ideas are born from new information and ideas are catalysts of change. No wonder, it is the scientific thinking that brings tremendous progress to our world.

An academically educated person, who fails to embrace knowledge and learning can’t be considered as an educated one in today’s society. One who quit learning fails to walk along with a society that is prone to constant transformation in the inundation of information.

It is only dead things that never get updated or never adhere to constant change. Education of a person is dead if he or she doesn’t constantly nourish it with new information and knowledge. Being an educated person in the 21st century is all about expanding our horizon of knowledge and nourishing our brain consistently.

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