Tricking the luck

person about to catch four dices

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Imagine a traditional cube-shaped dice. It has six sides or faces marked with a different number of dots starting from one to six. The dots are also known as pips.

Now, consider that when throwing or rolling the dice, only if the face with six pips turns up, you will be considered as a winner or a successful person.

You started rolling the dice. If you are very lucky, the six dotted face may turn up the very first time you rolled the dice. If you are not very lucky, what should you do? You have to keep on rolling till the six dotted face turns up.

But, during the never-ending process of rolling the dice without turning the six dotted face up, you may lose your patience and finally, you may quit rolling. By quitting, you are doing nothing other than missing the chance of turning up the six dotted face and win the game.

The secret to trick the luck is: the dice can never roll without turning up the six dotted face. Only through dedicated, repetitive attempts, any endeavor can finally end in success.

The six dotted face of the dice will definitely turn up if you continue rolling. It may take the tenth or twentieth attempt but only if you show the courage and patience to keep on rolling.

The real issue is the uncertainty you face and the helplessness you feel when you can never predict with accuracy on which attempt, you can turn up the six dotted face of the dice.

This is exactly the same way the luck plays in everyone’s life. This is the reason that great, successful people always keep on reminding the world that failures are the stepping stones to success and motivate you to try something new in life or take up any new challenge.

All the tireless shots or attempts can finally make you successful or let the six dotted face on the dice turns up. By not trying, you are just kicking the luck out of your life.

Endlessly trying to achieve something in life is like dating with luck and it is not meant for the fainthearted. Luck always falls in love with the people who show the courage and stubbornness to keep on passionately dating her without losing patience.

Repercussions of circumstances also play a major role when you embark on dating with luck. If your shots or attempts are not in sync with the prevailing circumstances, your efforts how great it may be can go futile. It would be like pitching for a horse cart in a world dominated by automobiles. Sadly, some ideas never work in certain situations.

To illustrate the point, let me give you an example. Last week, a door to door book salesman arrived at my home with an intention to sell me a set of encyclopedias. I told him that there is a good number of great, informative, regularly updated encyclopedias available online for free. Then, what is the point in pitching for an outdated encyclopedia in the book format in an ever-changing digital world.

I refused to buy it even though he offered a great discount for his product. Maybe he can sell few encyclopedias in coming days, but it can never be a futuristic business idea. If the situations never favor your efforts or ideas, better stand on the sideline until the circumstances turn out to be favorable.

On our planet, life sprouted only when benign situations for the birth of a single-cell organism arose billions of years ago. If the circumstances never favored, the birth of life was not even possible on our planet. Repercussions of circumstances play a major role in the successes and failures of any endeavors in our life. The only thing you can do is to roll the dice with patience, determination, and courage until it shows up the face with six pips.

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