When Space and Time Stand Still…


We human beings always love to normalize things around us. It is our innate nature to bring everything graspable to our little brains. So, we began measuring the space in meters, miles and light years. Since the time immemorial, we started calculating time in hours, days and years. We always put a beginning and an end to everything known to us. A story begins and ends. A person lives and dies. A vacation joyfully begins and painfully ends. We all are accustomed to beginnings and ends. More importantly, we need calculations, measurements, beginnings and ends to wholly understand and gauge everything around us.

Does a beginning or an end applicable to our universe? Does our universe run on our silly measurements and calculations? Did you ever think outside the boxes of space and time? Let’s imagine that the space and time stand still until you complete reading this writeup.

We reckon a day of ours based on our earth’s rotation on its imaginary axis. It takes approximately 24 hours. The years are calculated as our earth revolves around the sun. If these phenomena never happen, there would be no days, nights, seasons or years. The sun would remain as a forever burning star above our earth. And we turn out to be mere creatures constantly transforming from one form to another.

Confused? You don’t need to. It is a very simple concept.

light road red yellow
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We all have birthdays and death days. But when is your real birthday? Commonly, it is the day on which you came out of your mother’s womb as a little baby. But, what about the day you first came to life as an embryo? As a matter of fact, you were there on earth before you turned into an embryo. The cells of life that intend to be you were there in your father’s sperm and your mother’s ovary. When those cells were provided with favorable conditions, they simply transform into you. The same would happen when you die – you just transform to another form. The particles that constitute your body will disintegrate and transform into entirely different elements. It may become manure for plants, or it may turn into the food for worms or beasts.

On earth, the activities we consider as creative ones are in real sense mere transmutation processes. A sculptor cannot create a sculpture. Using his skill, a sculptor can only transmute the shape of a stone or the raw material of his choice into a figurine born in his imagination. Does a writer create a book? No, he doesn’t. He just skillfully transmutes the information, knowledge and his imagination into a book using his unique writing style.

Scientifically speaking, the mass and energy in our universe are constant. They can never be created or destroyed. Albert Einstein rightly puts it in his iconic equation, E = mc2.  The concept of beginning and end are very narrow that never works in terms of our universe. When space and time stand still, we and everything around us are stardust that evolves constantly from one form to another under favorable conditions. We all are entangled in a marvelous, never-ending cycle of births and rebirths.

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