Why We Love Lies

For the past few months, I was thinking (without getting any answers) about the human mind’s inclination towards believing beautiful lies rather than facing unpleasant truths or facts. We are happy to be deluded, we love fantasies and we are glad to escape from reality at any time. We don’t mind putting a deep hole in our wallet by squandering on psychedelic drugs to experience the illusory trance they viciously provide. We always love to embrace the beauty of myths, mysticism, fantasies and delusions. Why are we like this?

This confusing thought began to haunt my mind since the day I began to read more books on human psychology, drug addiction and recovery. In December last year, I published a book on this subject too. Though I have clearly described in my book why we get addicted to a drug and how to achieve recovery easily from it, I remained confused on why we are always prone to fall in love with delusions and lies.

Confusing thoughts can only be eliminated by injecting new information along with a speculative mindset. Recently, a few books I read on human evolution and history came to my rescue. Here, I would like to share the conclusion I have reached after procuring enough information and pondering over it for a few weeks.

We are made up of genes. DNA, the carrier of our heredity is the building block of our genes. The basic function of DNA is to survive and to replicate. There is no other purpose ascribed to it. As we all are made up of genes, biologically, we are simply evolved to survive and procreate.

What a boring purpose, isn’t it? Simply eat, have sex and give birth to babies. Since the human brain has attained cognitive abilities, the idea of simply surviving and breeding fail to bring meaning or purpose to our lives. So, we began to dream about an afterlife, though there is no evidence supporting it. We began to believe myths as real historical events. We simply fell in love with biologically non-viable phenomena like marriage and love.

lies, liesNo man can love just one woman for the rest of his life and vice versa. No woman is destined to make love only with one man for the rest of her life and vice versa. But still, we deeply believe in those lies and devised rituals to celebrate it for generations. We simply don’t like to eat, breed and die! We desperately need something more to beautify and enhance our lives. Dramas, religious myths, spirituality, god and other lies are serving the purpose well since we developed cognitive abilities in our brain.

A sky daddy or a higher power looking over us, protecting us by offering an eternal life is always a comforting idea, though it is just wishful thinking. We love lies because we are subconsciously aware that only lies can give us purpose and meaning to our otherwise purposeless lives.

Is this terrible thought of leading a purposeless life a bit suicidal? If you don’t have a purpose to live, why wasting your time living it? Just go and die, right? No! You can always give meaning to your life without embracing the delusions and lies offered by our society. It is a bit tougher task, but it is not impossible. I have dedicated an entire section to our life’s purpose in my recently published book, Ninkasi & I. It is available on Amazon.

As an advanced monkey species, we can always find purpose in learning and exploring things around us. We can fall in love with the wonder and beauty of our planet and universe. We can enjoy our relationships by making use of the little time we got on this planet. You can live your life to the fullest without the crutches of socially accepted lies and dogmas. Human mind always loves to find shortcuts or easy ways. So, our intellectual laxity has turned us into an easy prey to delusions, and false comforts offered by modern day snake oil salesmen disguised as spiritual gurus and religious apologists all over the world.

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