Are Failures Stepping Stones To Success?

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Few days ago, I was watching a Malayalam movie just to free up my mind. I’m not a movie buff but at times it helps to clear up my cluttered mind. Never mind the name of the movie, as I’m not planning to write a detailed review of the film. I’m not good at it either. I usually got only two stands on a movie I watched – I like it, or I don’t. I don’t know how to review a movie, but a book, yes, I know how to do it. I can easily pick the pulse of a book but a movie, I still can’t. I must learn it.

It was a good movie worth watching but just one scene stuck in my mind even after I signed out from Amazon Prime. These days, it’s unfortunate to see that a good number of blockbuster movies are giving out false, misleading messages to the society. By doing so, it is bringing irreversible damage to a society in which movies play a major role in influencing the collective mindset of the people.

The movie scene I would like to mention was the one in which the physical education teacher (PET) of a school takes students to an eatery in town as a part of a celebration. And, what were they celebrating? They were celebrating their team’s failure at a state level sports event.

The scene seems perfectly fine superficially. The PET repeatedly advising his students to celebrate failures like they celebrate success sounds inspiring and motivating too. But to me, it wasn’t. I smelled something fishy in the statement made. Did that PET know exactly what failures are all about? No, he doesn’t. I seriously doubt the screenplay writer’s understanding of failures and their impact on a person’s life.

Failures happen in everyone’s life. I failed several times in my life both personally and professionally. I thought failures were the stepping stones towards success every time I failed. But no one was there to tell me that failures turn into stepping stones to success only when we learn from it.

Failures happen when we do something wrong. To err is human and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Failures are lessons. They are trying to teach you something. Failures are just signaling to rectify what you have done wrong. It is the time to pause and think for yourself. No one can do it for you. Only you are responsible for your successes and failures.

If you begin to celebrate every failure in your life, failures itself become a recurring event in your life until you pause, learn and reflect on it. I’m a trader. I know lose making trades are an integral part of the trading business. Loses are nothing but warnings that I’m doing something wrong in the trading process. Loses are trying to teach me something. So, if I don’t find time to learn from my losses and begin to celebrate each loss, what would happen? I would soon end up being broke. And being broke is not something enjoyable as you may know.

Failures are just a painful prick from the mistake you have committed. Failures are just wake up calls. They are not something to be glorified or celebrated. A failure must be an eye opener. Rather than celebrating it, learn from it. Children should be taught to learn from the failures and move ahead in life rather than celebrating it by taking pride in it. Successes should be celebrated but teach them to raise the bar each time they succeed at something.

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