Look Before You Invest – A 26-Page eBook and The First Ever Book I Wrote in My Life

Look Before You InvestThe whole world is gripped with the Corona virus scare. It was only day before yesterday when I entered the city of my hometown, I became deeply aware of the gravity of the situation. In the city, my sole intention was to pay a visit to the Public Library.

Most of the seats on the bus were empty. The city was less crowded than usual. The Public Library was closed with a notice stuck on its large wooden door mentioning that it will not be opened until further notification. By standing alone at the door of the public library, I felt a bit isolated from the outside world. I felt a little bit scared as well.

Last few weeks while the news of the worldwide spread of Corona virus was streaming on TV and social media, I was sitting in front of my laptop day and night to complete the first ever movie script of my life. My life revolved around my bed to my computer chair and to my dining table to the toilet seat. I got out of the house only to get the essentials for cooking at home that can be easily fetched from shops near my house.

So, day before yesterday, I returned home from the city and decided to work on something else – modification of my blog. It requires bit editing on more than 100 posts I have written since the year 2007.

I had migrated my blog twice since I began blogging in Blogger, a blogging platform from Google. Firstly, in 2012, I turned it into an independent website and discarded it when my business failed in the year 2014. During those two years I was not able to update my blog frequently as well. It was in 2018, after a hiatus of four years, I have begun to take blogging and writing seriously again. I have changed the name of the blog from justinrajblogs to justyjots and migrated it to WordPress.

By witnessing how my writing and thought process have slowly evolved over the past decade, the blog modification process was a bit nostalgic. While deeply engaged in the work by reminiscing about my past, I stumbled upon a post on Blogger that failed to be migrated to WordPress. It also has a link to Scribd that hosts a 26-page eBook titled Look Before You Invest, I published on October 04, 2011.

In December last year, I published my debut book, Ninkasi & I. I’m getting good reviews on my book and received a ‘prestigious’ label as a writer as a bonus. But when I stumbled upon this eBook that I had published nine years ago, I began to think – is it the first book I have ever written in my life? And I got the answer within a few minutes – Yes, it is!

So, since the blogpost has failed to migrate to WordPress and it is about the first ever book, I have written in my life, I have decided to repost it here by changing its title.

The actual post and the link to the eBook is given below.

October 04, 2011

Hi friends,

Let me introduce to you, Look Before You Invest – an eBook which I have written with the help and guidance of few of my very good friends. It was a fortnight’s work to write, proof-read, edit and design this eBook. But at the end, it was all about the joy of creating an eBook by myself.

Since I have eventually stepped into the world of investments as a stockbroker, it is my pleasure to share my little knowledge related to my profession. This simple book will help novice investors to learn about the basics of stock market and give a glimpse of the vast world of investments.

Look Before You Invest was created with a sole purpose to educate a novice investor and to save him or her from errors those are part of investment process. Hope the eBook will serve its purpose.

Thanking everyone who were with me all through my writing journey. 

You can either read or download my eBook for free by clicking here

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