A Tribal Quest – A 12 Minutes Documentary by me on Kattunayakan Tribal people of Wayanad, Kerala

A Tribal Quest, a 12 minutes documentary that I scripted, directed and hosted in the year 2009. I did it as an assignment for the Audio-Visual production during my post-graduation in Journalism at Madras Christian College, Chennai. It is based on the Kattunayakan Tribal people of Wayanad, Kerala.

In the month of December 2009, the documentary was shot at the Rajagadi Colony at Wayanad that consists of 30 families of Kattunayakar. The duration of the shoot was three days. Those days provided me with a great opportunity to know about a culture, though superficially and to experience Kurumar language and dialect.

Eventually, The Tribal Quest also paved the way for an excellent opportunity to create another documentary titled Bele for the World Oral Literature Project (WOLP) program funded by University of Cambridge, London. You can watch Bele here. By clicking here, you can read about my internship experience with WOLP.

Apart from an academic project, I was driven by an intention to know about Kattunayakar’s mindset – whether they prefer a modern life like us or an old-fashioned life they follow. After three days of exploration and interaction with Kattunayakar, I reached a conclusion. Please watch A Tribal Quest to get to know the answer!


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