The Trinity of Human Intellect

monochrome photo of triangle shapes


Have you ever wondered how some people talk on various subjects by possessing in-depth knowledge; publish articles and books – fiction and nonfiction – relentlessly? Have you ever met or interacted with any greatly talented people who always chase various highly creative pursuits and succeed at it? Have you ever tried to find out how these exceptional people could accomplish those feats?

I have thought about it while I was a kid. It was the cartoons and stories appearing in weeklies that caught my attention those days. I always wondered how the same author writes different stories and the same painter draws different pictures of the different characters every week without fail. I was astonished by these creative feats and it aroused an undying interest in me to pursue a career in journalism.

When I began to learn the art of writing and to express my ideas through words and at times, through visual media, while pursuing my graduation in visual communication, I gradually realized that there are three components that greatly influence our intellect. Here, I would like to call them, the Trinity of human intellect.

Our brain is fine tuned to just one function – to think. It is the basic function of our brain. We survive as a species on this planet solely owing to our thinking prowess. Here, I must sadly state that the methods that had been developed by us to improve our concentration and mind power like Yoga are teaching us to be thoughtless! And being thoughtless is not human and gets us killed at any moment. Let’s forget about rendering yourself ‘thoughtless’ and concentrate on being thoughtful here. To engage in good, creative thoughts, our brain needs food. Metaphorically, we call it food for thoughts.  And from where we can fetch the food for thoughts?

The food for thoughts can be acquired through a rigorous process called learning. It is the second component of the Trinity. Learning includes observation, reading or gaining knowledge through various sources like informative videos, audio books or speeches offered to us by the digital era.  Today we are experiencing an information overload unlike the old days when reading was the only source available to fetch information and knowledge. The food for thought can stimulate your brain. Only a steadily stimulated brain can give out fresh ideas and thoughts.

The third and final constituent of the Trinity is expression. By expression, I meant, creatively expressing the knowledge we gained through the learning and thinking processes. It can be writing, teaching, painting or any other form of creative expression. Here, I would like to focus on writing as a means of creative expression. It is because I’m fond of it and have benefitted from it. Writing plays an important role in my life as well.

“Writing is often the process by which you realize that you do not understand what you are talking about.” says Shane Parrish, an internationally celebrated blogger and online entrepreneur. It is only when you write on a subject, you realize how little you know about that subject. At school, we had been taught writing as a way to obtain marks by memorizing other people’s ideas and theories and putting them on paper. Unfortunately, no one showed us the real face of writing – an essential tool to organize our thoughts and ideas.

Apart from writing, any medium that helps you to creatively express your ideas, knowledge and thoughts can be taken as Expression. During the process of expression, new ideas will get added to the acquired knowledge. It organizes your ideas; enhances your thoughts and turns it into easily transferable to others. By expressing, the food for thought you have ingested will get assimilated by your brain and transform them into various styles, shapes and perceptions. I witness with awe, during the writing journey, novel ideas setting foot into my mind like passengers enter a train from each station.

Acquiring new information and knowledge through learning; assimilating and transmuting it by thinking; and at last, creatively expressing it constitutes the Trinity of human intellect. And it is the Trinity – learning, thinking and expression – that aids a writer, scientist or a musician in his remarkable, creative journey. It also inspires him to innovate, stumble upon new ideas and take up novel creative ventures every single day of his life.

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