Science: An Atheistic Venture

Most of the people, especially religious ones, when we get into an argument on atheism, religion or science, would ask a cliché question: is science, a monopoly of atheists?

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with that question. It obviously arises in the minds of anyone who sees atheists relentlessly promoting science and reason in society. Does that mean that we, atheists, hold the monopoly of science? The answer is quite simple and clear: no, science is no one’s monopoly.

Science is an open platform that works on facts and evidence. It accepts the theories supported by huge sums of evidence and dismisses everything that can’t be proven through scientific methodology as well as experiments.

Science is not based on a theist’s religious text either. It never relies on the process of non-thinking called faith. While religion and other superstitions, like god, hinders our quest for knowledge and douses the fire of our curiosity; science kindles our spirit of inquiry and quenches our thirst for knowledge. While science works towards concrete solutions to the problems faced by humanity, religion does nothing other than promote wishful thinking and encourages us to deliberately close our eyes towards the reality and facts.

On the other side, an atheist takes a least travelled path – a path led by evidence. He never lives on wishful thinking, never relies on magical remedies or never believes myths as historical facts. He prefers facts over fiction, and truths over lies.

An atheist stands for science and reason as well as propagates them in society in order to inculcate scientific temper in everyone and make our world a better, peaceful place to live. As law abiding citizens, we atheists take the responsibility mentioned in Article 51 A (h) of Indian constitution: to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform.

I would like to solve one more doubt of religious persons. They are of the opinion that religious people are also behind science or not all scientists are atheists. Yes, not all scientists are atheists. But the religious scientists are not working based on their religious texts or faith. Science works in anyone’s hands, no matter if the scientist is religious or not. That is the beauty of science. For instance, a physician bases his studies on biology and biology is based on theory of evolution, not on any bronze age religious mythology. Myths don’t matter to science. Facts matter. Evidence matters. Scientific methodologies and experiments matter.

So, in that sense, science is also an atheistic venture. There is no need to be confused. I shall clarify my statement with an example. Recently, one of my relatives’ little baby girl was born with a cleft lip, a birth defect. They are ultra-religious people, like most of my relatives. Being depressed over their daughter’s congenital disorder, one day, they conducted a surgery on her lip and the birth defect was resolved smoothly. Everyone is happy. Thanks to science, isn’t it? No way! They screamed: praise the lord! The cleft lip of their daughter was part of their god’s plan, but they were not ready to accept that! They smashed his plan into tiny, little pieces with the help of science. And the funniest fact is, they are thanking god for deliberately breaking his plan!

Sounds ridiculous? Yes, it is!

Science and religion never go hand in hand. These days, our world is going through a challenging time in history. We are at World War III. But, this time, it is humans on one side and a deadly virus on the other. Coronavirus is also a part of god’s plan to punish the sinners—some religious retards stated on social media. But, what would they do if they are infected with the virus? Obviously, they will take the scientific route – medicines, vaccinations, medical procedures and precautionary measures. What if they die? They blame science. What would happen when they were saved from the virus or a vaccine is being invented? They thank god. This is how the brains infected with a virus – deadlier than corona—called divine faith, destructs human brains. In this fierce battle between mankind and a deadly virus, god remains, as always, a mute spectator while science stands as a harbinger of hope as always. Richard Dawkins, a prominent evolutionary biologist and bestselling author states – “If you base medicine on science, you cure people; if you base the design of planes on science, they fly, if you base the design of rockets on science, they reach the moon. Science—it works, bitches!”

I would like to conclude with the content that caught my attention on a poster recently published on an atheistic Facebook page. The content goes like this: “We are praying for you”—translation: if you do not get CoVID-19, we will claim god shielded. If you do get it, but recover, we will claim god healed. If you die, we will explain that god had a reason. The same results are possible by praying to a telephone pole!

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