Old School Friends

Childhood days — the finest days of a lifetime,

The fountainhead of dreams and passions.

In those days, anything that enters our hearts,

Stays with us for a lifetime.


The childhood memories we cherish,

Only along with us, they could perish.

The subjects, exams, and lessons; we forgot,

We only remember the friends we got.


We sang, danced, and played,

We squabbled, hugged, and kissed.

We still fondle those memories,

Fresh like the fragrance of the petrichor.


CHEKAVARSFrom those games and squabbles,

Arouse a friendship for life.

A friendship deeply rooted in the fertile soil–

Of childish innocence, trust, and love.


In our camaraderie, we travel back in time,

A short visit to our childhood days,

Filled with memories so dear,

Where we always dream to live forever.


Friends are the family we choose,

Smooth like cool, winter breeze; we sail,

Warm like summer sun rays; we embrace,

Fresh like autumn dew drops; we stay forever.


A friendship, so tender and sweet,

With no room for secrets and hate,

A friendship: no season or reason could bend,

We, the old school friends.

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