A Zen Story

Today, I read this Zen story from a book related to my business. I really liked the story and thought of sharing it. It is about the element of time in our life. Most of the endeavors we undertake in our life takes time to attain fruition. Last year, I gave training to few people … Continue reading A Zen Story

A Short Stroll of Religion and Science

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this short story which was posted as a poster in a Facebook page, I follow, named Atheist. You can easily find the page by simply search for @supportatheism in Facebook. This short story is just a slap on the face on people who are of the opinion that religion and science … Continue reading A Short Stroll of Religion and Science

Don’t Quit

I stumbled upon this poem while I was browsing through a poetry book at the public library of my home town.It was written by John Greenleaf Whittier, a 19th century American poet and an anti-slavery activist. During the times of struggle and pain, these kind of poetry can be a great boost to our morale and … Continue reading Don’t Quit