An Interview on my Sobriety with Cassandra Gaisford, an Inspiring Author.

Cassandra Gaisford is a self-empowerment author, storyteller, and novelist based in New Zealand. She is also a holistic energy psychologist and an award-winning artist. She has an intense passion for passion – an outlet her various roles provide. She believes in magic and the power of joy, love, and creativity to transform peoples’ lives. http://www.cassandragaisford.comContinue reading An Interview on my Sobriety with Cassandra Gaisford, an Inspiring Author.

Building Cruelty-Free Body, The Vegan Way.

This feature write-up of mine got published in June 2017 edition of VegPlanet Magazine, India's first magazine on Veganism. This edition is the first edition of the magazine and I’m really happy that my feature happened to be a part of it’s legacy. I’m grateful to my friend Niranjan Amarnath, who is the publisher and … Continue reading Building Cruelty-Free Body, The Vegan Way.

A Filmy Talk…

Venkatesh Chakravarthy,the Dean of Direction and Screenplay Writing in Ramanaidu Film School at Hyderabad is a noted film maker, playwright and an author. On January 13th 2010 he was invited as a chief guest for the seminar titled ‘mise en scène’ organized by Reelty Bites, a film club in Madras Christian College, Tambaram. Excerpts from … Continue reading A Filmy Talk…

ISEC: A Path Breaking Ecologist.

This is an interview I had taken during my sojourn at Ladakh. The edited version of this interview was published in the departmental newsletter, Resonance. It can be accessed at Rahul and Alex are the coordinators of International Society for Ecology and Culture’s (ISEC) Ladakh Project. Since its inception in 1975, ISEC has been … Continue reading ISEC: A Path Breaking Ecologist.

Foods for the Soul.

From the time immemorial, dietary practices have been incorporated into religious practices of people around the world. Some religious sects abstain or forbid from consuming certain foods and drinks, restrict foods and drinks during their holy days. While, others associate dietary and food preparation practices with rituals of their faith. The early biblical writings outline … Continue reading Foods for the Soul.