Cause & Effect aka Karma

Every action has equal and opposite reaction Newton’s third law Karma pays. Karma stalks. Karma is a bitch! What else? An air of mysticism always surrounds Karma and it sounds complex as people interpret it in different ways. According to ancient Hindu scriptures and Buddhist texts, Karma is the sum of a person’s actions and … Continue reading Cause & Effect aka Karma


Our Deceptive World

Deception is a combatant tactic used by military organizations all over the world. Deception tactics are chiefly deployed to mislead the enemy in order to win a war or conflict. Deception can be in the form of camouflage or any kind of psychological operations. In our world, if we closely observe, we can find that … Continue reading Our Deceptive World

Crazy World!

We are living in a crazy, hypocrite world where there is no mutual correlation between people’s preaching and actions. In this world we only value achievements, ambitions and developments. We think that being humble and modest is highly necessary even while we are ruthless, egoistic, ambitious, selfish and productive. We should be competitive as well … Continue reading Crazy World!


Love is an amazing feeling. You feel it for someone and meanwhile for someone else too. No! We are not animals…we are humans. We have conscience...we have memories... we have emotions...we fall in love. We all do. It is usual. Love means when we give our physique, mind and soul to someone we have that … Continue reading Love